Better Transformation – Prime RID Powerizer Megatron

Think your PRID Pounderizer Megatron has a crappy alt mode?

You’re right!

But it can be better, and I can show you how.

Want less undercarriage bulk? How about a longer wingspan?

No modding required!

Interested yet? Then read on!

Most of you that own the PRID voyager Megatron probably bought it for the bot mode, treating it almost as an action master. And while I do think that it has a better official alt mode than the movieverse cybertronian versions, I definitely didn’t buy it just for the alt mode.

I think that the deluxe First Edition version has a much better transformation scheme, and even though both molds are similar, the main difference between them is how they fold the wings out from the legs. On the deluxe, the wings fold up from the bottom side of the legs, but on the voyager they fold out from the top, making the ship bulkier and the wings look shorter.

I’ve come up with three different custom transformations to make the ship look better, and while the third version is my personal favorite, I’m going to show how to do each of them.


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Official Version

First, lets take a quick look at the official version of Prime RID Megatron’s alt mode.

PRID Megatron Official Alt Mode

I really don’t like how the front is open like that. On the show, it flattens out and becomes a front set of wings, which is cool and all, but on the voyager figure (and the deluxe) it’s like a big wind scoop.

The shoulder pads are also an issue, because they barely have enough room to fit into the legs, and it feels like they’re being crammed in there.

But there’s an easy fix for both of those problems.

Version 1

This first version isn’t my favorite, but it does integrate the shoulder pads with the wings, and while it makes the front section look less accurate, it does make it look better.

Version 1

The front section now looks a lot more solid, and especially looks better from the top. Since this is a feature I use on all the other versions of the alt mode, you can see it from the top in those pictures.

With the front section folded in, the shape of Megatron’s alt mode kind of looks like a ship from StarCraft.

To transform the front section, just push the chest halves closer together. They will click into place and sit there securely.  It causes the chest halves to angle a bit, but there is only a few millimeters of difference. This is within the tolerances of the plastic, and doesn’t put a bunch of stress on anything. I’ve been doing this on mine since I got it, and nothing is bent out of shape.

As for the shoulder pads, they’re just slid up and folded back to integrate with the wings. The folds of the shoulder spikes sweep back with the flow of the wings, instead of just sitting under them.

Official Alt Mode vs Better Alt Mode Version 1

There are a couple of problems with this, though. While it’s much easier to transform the shoulder pads this way and they look better from the top, from the front it makes the wings look shorter and you can see the openings in the legs.

Both of those problems are fixed in version 2.

Version 2

Version 2

For this version, fold the lower half of the shoulder pads into the legs, which is similar to the official version, but don’t lower them down into the bottom of the leg. Keep the top half of the shoulder pad on top of the backpack section, which is different from the official version.

Then instead of folding the wings up, fold the connector piece flat like it would be in bot mode, keeping the wings out.  Swivel the wings around into the shoulder pads, and that’s version 2.

The main benefit of this version is that the wingspan has increased 3/4ths of an inch! That may not sound like much, but it’s noticeable in hand.

Version 1 vs Version 2 Top

Version 1 vs Version 2 Front

This version is slightly less solid because the wings don’t tab in, but where the legs tab in should be secure enough to hold it together. The wings are also more swept back, and I think they look better with a more forward swept look.

The openings in the legs are now more filled in because of the shoulder pads, but the legs still make the body of the ship look more bulky.

Version 3

Version 3 Front

And that is the reason my favorite custom transformation for Prime RID voyager Megatron is version 3. Not only does it give the most increase in wingspan, with a full inch added, but it also shifts the bulk of the legs from under the wings to under the body of the ship.

It also looks good from the top and from the bottom.

Version 3 Top

Version 3 Bottom

And as I said, the bulk from the legs is shifted from under the wings to under the body of the ship. This even looks good from the side, because the tech detailing inside of Megatron’s legs is now facing outward, which looks more like part of the ship than the obvious robot parts of the outside of the legs.

Version 3 Side

Transformation to this version is a bit fiddly at first, but once you know where things go it’s much easier. The bulk of the transformation is to fold the wings out as far as they will go, turn the legs so the shins are facing up, and set the front of the wings into the shoulder pads.

But how to get it to securely fit together?

The first thing is to not fold the crotch piece up as far.

Version 3 Crotch Position

This lets the legs sit a bit farther forward, and helps them fit under the ship better. You don’t have to have it in that exact position, but get it close.

Depending on how floppy the backpack joint is, you might want to flip the ship upside down while transforming it so that section will stay where it needs to.

Next, make sure the legs are straight. In bot mode, the legs can actually bend forward a bit at the knees, which is why there’s a section for the knee gaurds to go into. For this, you want the legs straight, so the knee gaurds won’t be inside the legs.

If you do have them bent forward at the knees, the wings will angle down a bit. Keeping them straight will make the wings more level with the ship. There’s not much of a difference, and it’s something you can tweak a bit.

Once that’s done and the legs are folded up along the arms, fold the shoulder pads so they are under the top of the shins. This holds the legs in place.

Use the shoulder pads to secure the legs in place.

In that picture, I colored the shoulder pad blue and the shin of the leg pink.

After that, fold the toes even with the heel pieces and fold the wings into the shoulder pads.

This version has the benefit of the wingspan being an inch longer, less bulk under the wings, having the wings more forward swept than the second version, a nice side profile, and looking a lot more imposing than the official version.

The legs and the wings don’t tab into the backpack in this version, but the alt mode is actually pretty stable. If you hold it by the chest halves, the weight of the rest of the ship will make it droop at the backpack joint, and holding it by the wings will make them bend, but it’s stable  if you hold it by the body of the ship, the arms\back of the ship, or even the cannon.

Holding it by the robot arms, I can shake it around and the alt mode is stable.

While I don’t exactly lay on the floor and play around with my figures (and I’m definitely not judging those of you who do), the kid in me can’t resist picking up a spaceship and wooshing it around every now and then. This version can easily do that. :)

Here’s some comparison pictures to show the differences with version 3.

Version 3 vs Version 1 Top

Version 3 vs Version 1 Bottom

Version 3 vs Version 2 Top

Version 3 vs Version 2 Bottom


Do you have a favorite version of this custom transformation for Transformers Prime RID Powerizer Megatron?

Do you have a different custom transformation than the ones in this post?

Leave a comment and let me know!

~Matt Booker

8 thoughts on “Better Transformation – Prime RID Powerizer Megatron

  1. Great write up, Matt. I have tried them all, I do like the look of the 3rd one, and its pretty stable if I fiddle with it.

    Cool man, Good work as usual.

  2. Glad to hear it. And yeah, the third one is a bit fiddly but once you try it a few times it’s pretty easy to get everything in place.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. It’s an improvement, but I still can’t bring myself to buy Megatron. The alt mode is just so… meh. “It’s got wings, it must be a plane!” Yeah, no.

  4. Outside of hard sci-fi, the primary function of the form of a spaceship is to look cool. The same could be said about pretty much any Cybertronian mode.

    But I understand your point. It’s how I feel about the first movie Megatron, because it didn’t look cool. And it’s probably best not to buy a TF if you only like one of the modes.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I guess my problem is I don’t think it looks cool.

    And in case you’re wondering why I’ve returned to this page after so long: I ordered a PRiD Optimus online and today they delivered a PRiD Megatron. Just thought I’d check I definitely don’t want it before ringing the company up and shouting at them.

  6. That’s understandable. And hopefully they pay the cost of shipping to return that Megatron for you.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. if you fiddle around with transformation 3 you can get a rather nice hover tank mode just the legs arent to stable

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