The MOAR You Know – Prime Bulkhead

In Transformers Prime, Bulkhead may be the friendly bruiser, but he’s got a rough past that can weigh heavily on him.

Back on Cybertron he was part of an action team that got called in for the really tight spots, going commando when things got too hot for the other Autobots.

That’s right, Bulkhead was a stripper.


Miko: Come on Bulk! Tell me about another one of your old suicide missions with Jackie!

Bulkhead: So there we were, surrounded! It was supposed to be ladies night, but Knock Out had gotten ahold of some cloning technology. They were loaded, barrels aimed at our skidplates and begging to blow. Jackie was shaking in his costume and–

Miko: Ladies night? Costume?

Bulkhead: It was, an, infiltration mission.

Miko: Oh, right! I bet you gave them a real pounding!

Bulkhead: We lost a lot of good wreckers that night.

Miko: Can I see your battle scars?

Bulkhead: Miko, sometimes you get hurt in places you can’t easily see…

Miko: Oh. Like, emotional scars?

Bulkhead: Something like that.



Later in the show, he whips out his powerizer mace.

(For those of you that don’t have the PRID voyager, that’s the crotch piece that folds up onto the bumper.)

Wrecker’s don’t call for backup. They call for cleanup!

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – Prime Bulkhead

  1. Wrecker = Stripper.

    WAAAAAHHHAAAAT? You’ve just turned Prime into SUCH a better show! I will be thinking that every time that’s mentioned now.

    And that animated .gif has convinced me to buy Bulkhead.

  2. Glad I could help. LULZ

    But you should know, the crotch piece that folds up on his bumper doesn’t actually move like that. It folds up and down, but doesn’t move from side to side.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. First Edition Bulkhead also has the crotch flap. During transformation, you really have to tab in his hood pieces to form his chest exactly, or the flap won’t tab into its proper place in robot mode as securely.

    But the slots for the tabs for the chest hood are in this somewhat softer plastic, and feel almost like you’re going to break the thing, so it took me a while to get the courage to apply a bit more force to lock it in. Even then, at least the flap isn’t so loose it flops down on its own.

    And speaking of FE Bulkhead…


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