Prime RID Bulkhead – Classics?

Thanks to the good folks over at BobaKhan Toys I recently picked up a PRID Bulkhead.  A few months ago, a user over at TFW picked up an early sample and did the first pictorial review of the figure, and I did a post on here explaining a problem I had with the figure.

Basically, the user took a picture of Bulkhead from the side with him leaning really far back, and said that was because Bulkhead constantly looked down if you didn’t, that his head wasn’t really on a balljoint and only moved side to side.

As more people reviewed the figure, they confirmed that Bulkhead’s head actually is on a balljoint. That’s great news, because it fixed my only real problem with the figure.

And I can confirm as well, that Bulkhead can stand up straight and still look straight ahead.

But what about my reason for buying it? Does it fit into Classics?

Yes! I think he’s great as Classics Bulkhead.

Because Classics isn’t a single line, but really a bunch of lines that fans (and HasTak) group together, they have kind of a blurry aesthetic.

Look at Classics Starscream vs Generations Drift. They have a similar style, but it’s still a bit different, and Drift has more joints. You can see that they were aiming at the same look, even if the style has changed and improved.

Because of that, you can even take figures that weren’t officially meant for Classics (unlike Seaspray or Bludgeon or Lugnut, which are officially intended for Classics by the designers), and put them in there as long as you’re okay with it. I use ROTF Long Haul in Classics, and DOTM Skyhammer. And some people even use Animated figures in Classics. It’s a nice thing, to have a personal canon, and people should remember that this is supposed to be fun and not something to get upset about.

That brings us to Bulkhead. I know some people that absolutely don’t want non-G1 figures in Classics, but I don’t mind bending things a bit for cool stuff to put on my shelves. I like the idea of Bulkhead and Lugnut running around in a G1 style setting.

I even have Lugnut posed right behind Megatron. Standing just a bit too close, like he’s smelling the sweat of Megatron’s hair.

At first I was going to have FE Bulkhead on my classics shelf, but even then I thought it was shoehorning him in there just so I could have a Classics Bulkhead. FE Bulkhead just looks distinctly like Prime Bulkhead.

But Pounderizer Bulkhead doesn’t have that problem. That’s not great for those who have a TF Prime shelf, because you know there’s a more accurate version out there. I’ve done that before, with things like Classics Dinobot. The Henkei version has much more accurate paint, but it’s also a lot more expensive.

Pounderizer Bulkhead may not look exactly like the TF Prime Bulkhead, but he does still look like a Bulkhead! There’s no G1 Bulkhead to compare him too, so all he needs is to have an amalgamation of Bulkhead characteristics. Bulky? Check! Big lower jaw? Check! Green? Check! Big off road SUV alt mode? Check!

But the real question for some of you is, does he fit into that blurry Classics aesthetic? He is, after all, a Prime character, and Prime has an aesthetic than seems to blend the movies styles with Animated.

And my honest answer to that question is yes. He fits, and it’s not even a stretch to make him fit. He’s got smooth lines, but he’s rectangular enough to compare with bots like Classics Ironhide or Classics Tracks. He’s got enough detailing that he can even look good standing beside bots like Classics Optimus.

And lets not forget this…

Don't you remember this one? It happened in City Of Steel.

That may not be the best reason, but maybe it should be.


So what do you think, dear readers? Do you even care about a Classics Bulkhead? Do you have any Animated or Movie figures in with your Classics?

~Matt Booker

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  1. Totally agree with him fitting in classics. You need ROTF added into the smackdown though, as he’s part of the team too, IMO

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