Action Pose – PRID Bulkhead vs Lugnut

Transformers Prime RID Powerizer Bulkhead looks good in Classics.

But he’s not on my Classics shelf yet.

This is why.


Click the picture for the full version!


Thanks to Lugnut’s wide and nicely articulated feet, I was able to get him leaning back with his arms flailed out, and these two barely fit the shelf I was using to take the picture.

I’ve since moved them to the top of a wide stand, and I’m tempted to take some other Classics transformers down from their shelves and arrange them in a circle to watch the fight.

I’m really glad how this picture turned out. If you like it, let me know!

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Anyway, let me know if you like this kind of stuff. I enjoy taking pictures of things like this, so it’ll stay a regular feature here whether you like it or not. :)

~Matt Booker

One thought on “Action Pose – PRID Bulkhead vs Lugnut

  1. I need to get a pic of Luggy giving Classics voyager Meg’s a big surprise hug from behind. I had it on my desk at work for awhile. Talk about homo-erotic bot love… O.o

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