Action Pose – Transformers Prime RID Vehicon

I don’t buy multiples of a transformer for army building purposes. That’s just not why I collect cool toys.

But RID Vehicon tempts me.

Not because of the show. But because RID Vehicon is a kick ass transformer.

"Steve? What? My name's Pinky Pie."


If you find one for retail or close to it, Vehicon is worth a purchase. The transformation is simple, but complex, and the way most of the car folds into the lower legs is just cool.

Are any of you army building with Vehicon?

I almost want to get a second one, but that’s not a good rabbit hole to plumb.

~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – Transformers Prime RID Vehicon

  1. I managed to find two and bought them(a week apart). I’m highly impressed with the engineering on these guys. I’m really happy they stepped away from the TF:A style design ethos.

    As for army building, not my thing either but two of these make for an excellent “book ends” look on the shelf with the rest of my ‘TF:P shelf.

    I need to stop in more dammit, I’m way behind!

  2. I plan on getting a couple of them at the most, but I’d probably get one car Vehicon, and one jet Vehicon, if those come out in my area later on.

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