Action Pose – Wheeljack Vs Drift

The Transformers Prime version of Wheeljack gets compared to Drift a lot.

Is it unfounded? What would happen if they fought?


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So why the comparison?

Drift gets called a Mary Sue a lot (or more correctly, a Gary Stu). I haven’t read much of the comics featuring him, so I can’t comment too much on that, though from what I understand it was mostly outside the comics where he got built up as such.

In Wheeljack’s first appearance on Prime he was definitely a Gary Stu. How much of that episode was characters talking about how awesome Wheeljack was? A lot of it! And Wheeljack escaped capture by himself, doing it not only easily, but off screen. Add to that him being a badass loner with nothing to lose that blows off Optimus Prime because he wants to go roaming around the galaxy some more, and yes, Prime Wheeljack is a Gary Stu.

At least in his first appearance.

After that he’s in a couple of episodes and gets more character development, and he’s not so bad. He’s still not a proper Wheeljack, but he’s a lot less of a Gary Stu.

But really it’s probably because they’re both white sports cars and they both have swords.

Drift has a valid reason for using swords, though, as he’s sworn not to use guns.

Wheeljack uses swords because they’re cool.

Okay, so that’s a valid reason. :)


So, dear readers, who do you think would win the fight?

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Pose – Wheeljack Vs Drift

  1. I’ll call it a “Brawl to a stand still”. Both are more than capable of using their chosen weapons, fighting skills and environments they are in to over come an enemy.

    The Drift comic mini series has him as an ex Decepticon with a inflated ego and bad attitude who had a “Kung Fu” type experience with an isolated Autobot collective(Shaolin monks anybody?) who chose bladed implements over projectile weapons for their war craft.

    Prime Wheeljack, he’s an ex-Wrecker, and we all know the name says it all. They.Wreck.Shit. He’s apparently battled hardened, probably more than Kup from they way they talk about/allude to him in the newest series. So I’m having to guess he’s hardcore from the ground up as far being a warrior goes.

    I happen to like Drift pesonally, especially since he’s an ex ‘Con(Ha!) and if the chips are absolutely down, some of that could possibly bleed through to the surface.

  2. I can agree with that.

    And I like Drift too. I haven’t read the comics, but I’ve read the TFWiki entry and I’m also a fan of the toy. Like I said in the post, I’ve heard that the Mary Sue qualities were mainly built up outside of the comics, but it’s stuck in how a lot of people view the character.

    Part of the reason I took this picture is because I’ve heard people complaining that his legs aren’t very poseable. They can be, you just have to untransform the feet a bit. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Oh yes, I’ve enjoyed Drift as a toy very much, and his recolored incarnation as Blurr. They are nice molds, a bit chunky but still nice.

    The comic is fairly decent if you can find it(Amazon or some such), get the TPB, those are much easier to read and cheaper!

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