Action Pose – Super Poseable Amazing Spider-Man

I really liked the Amazing Spider-Man movie. I’d heard a lot of bad things about it, most about people bitching that it had plot problems and no real story, or that Peter doesn’t learn anything in the end, but I was happy to find that I didn’t agree with those claims. At all.

But even if you didn’t like the movie, it did result in a great 4inch scale Spider-Man!


The rest of the movie figures have crap articulation, with most having T hips and some not even having elbows or knees. In a Spider-Man toyline, where the character is an agile acrobat, that’s not a good choice.

But the super poseable Spider-Man definitely is super poseable. It has double jointed elbows and knees, peg and swivel wrists and shoulders and neck and hips and ankles, and a balljointed torso.

That’s more than any other 4inch Spider-Man yet. And unlike the standard Marvel Universe 4inch Spider-Man, it doesn’t have a freakishly long neck.

~Matt Booker

8 thoughts on “Action Pose – Super Poseable Amazing Spider-Man

  1. I loved the movie, too. I was surprised to hear the bad reviews after I saw it. It’s my favorite Spidey movie yet.

    I’m thinking of getting the bigger Walmart exclusive Spidey figures, but I think I’ll have to give Spidey a black wash if I do. His lines aren’t colored in…

  2. Going back to the movie, I thought it had a really good story and plot. The original Spider-Man movies used a lot of coincidence for their plots, and the plot device of Green Goblin asking Spidey to join him in the first one. Amazing Spider-Man, though, seemed to me to have well intertwined plot elements…

    Something about it that does have me scratching my head, though, is how did Peter afford the web fluid from Oscorp? I imagine it must have been really expensive since it was a brand new material…

  3. To be fair, Spider-Man’s life is traditionally full of coincidence. The comics really like to turn people he knows into villains. If you think Sandman being the guy that killed Uncle Ben is bad, in the comics it was Peter Parkers longtime dentist.

    I really did like the movie, though. I think it was generally done better, story-wise, although admittedly there were a few things about it that bugged me. Like how all the high security areas had no security. There were a few other things, but they didn’t bother me much because I don’t remember them at the moment. :)

    The best improvement was Peter not being such a complete sad sack. And I found Gwen to be much more likable than Mary Jane. (That’s one of the things I liked about the Spectactular Spider-Man cartoon. That’s also pretty much the only thing I didn’t like about that cartoon. They drug their feet about that storyline WAY TOO MUCH. But otherwise it’s great, and is my favorite Spider-Man in any media, including comics and movies.)

    As for the web fluid… That’s a good point. The stuff is harvested from bio-engineered spiders. It can’t be cheap.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize that about the dentist, lol!

    Yeah, I really liked that scene early on when Peter stood up to Flash who was picking on someone else. In the comics Pete would mouth off to Flash quite a bit. I also liked Flash a lot more in this one…

    I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man stories. They were all put together so well. I just would have preferred art more like the Fox series, which is my favorite Spidey show so far. I still have to watch “Ultimate Spider-Man.” I really liked the animation in the ads I’ve seen for that…

    I can understand why they might want the web fluid coming from Oscorp. It seems a stretch that a high school kid could develop such a revolutionary material. But I like how the Fox series explained it, with Peter at one point saying he believes the spider bite also gave him understanding of the web chemical composition…

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