Fansproject Motormaster Review and Gallery!

For those of you not aware, this entire post is a joke. The images are the same image over and over and not hosted on photobucket. The descriptions in the review were also ludicrous to the point of even saying it looked like a shaved black bear, which was done on purpose so that people would get the joke.

Actual pictures of Motormaster are out now, so for clarity I’m putting this warning at the top.

Now that you’ve been warned, feel free to enjoy the rest of the post.


Yes, you read that right. I’ve finally splurged a massive amount of cash and joined the ranks of advance video reviewers such as MitchSantona and Optibotimus! I am super excited to bring you this, as not only is Fansproject Motormaster a highly anticipated must have, he is THE must have figure of 2013!


That’s right, it may have cost me enough to army build with TRU MP10, but I got ahold of Fansproject Motormaster before he was officially revealed by Fansproject. Many thanks to my buddy overseas! I hope you enjoy the gold giraffe!

Please, bear in mind that this didn’t come with packaging or instructions, so the official modes might look a bit different. And since there’s no official name, I’ll be calling it Motormaster.

Yeah yeah. So lets get on with it and get to what you came for!

Fansproject Motormaster Alt Mode

Motormaster Alt Mode

Now THAT is Motormaster! The cab, the trailer, it’s all just so burly! Like a shaved black bear. With wheels.

Here’s the side view of Fansproject Motormaster.

Motormaster Side View

That is one long trailer! Talk about a king of the road!


But even with that totally rad alt mode, the bot mode is so cool you’d better be sitting down before you see it.

Fansproject Motormaster Bot Mode

Motormaster Bot Mode

Look at those feet! And that head!


I’m not sure what do to with this, though.


But why does this look like a banana?

Motormaster Banana


Fansproject Menasor Mode

Okay, since it didn’t come with instructions or packaging, this is just a guess at how the combined mode is going to work. Movie Jazz, Movie Sideswipe, and the hotwheels cars are just placeholders, but it should look close to this.

Menasor Mode


Well, that’s it for the review! I’ve hosted the gallery on photobucket cause of all the bandwidth this is likely to take up. If you enjoyed the review, leave a comment!


~Matt Booker

41 thoughts on “Fansproject Motormaster Review and Gallery!

  1. So it really stretches out like that? It will probably look better with the FP Stunticons and not just hotwheels. LOL

    But that Motormaster! Yowza!

  2. Man, I had no interest in this at all, but… there’s no denying it, this is BADASS! I never would have expected that Prime Bulkhead could fit inside his trailer, or that HE could fit inside MP Prime’s trailer– it’s like a Transformers Turducken!

  3. The gray is cool. :p That face it b.a.! But Motormaster needs a mustache! I like the animated version best. Reupload the combiner picture.

  4. If anyone is having the trouble with viewing of pictures, earlier they were onto a thread at

    Maybe not news because of fansproject? Grr. Why not TFW?

  5. You can still see the Motormaster pictures? Try clearing your browser cache and then reloading the page.

  6. If this is real then why has nobody copied and posted these pics somewhere else? I can’t see anything either.

  7. @Yakovich
    You didn’t even provide the link to the tread, nor could I find it on “”

  8. Hey DUMBASS! So you spent all this $$$$ so that only the first 5 people could see your review? Your either a fucking moron or a lier.

  9. Dear Mike,

    I see you didn’t get the joke. You’re either a fucking moron or a fucking moron.


    Pretty much everyone else who read this post.

  10. Screw you guys! At least Matt finally freaking responded that this is fake. Thanks Mike for putting yourself out there.

  11. GUY? Bitch, please.

    How much more obvious did you want Matt to be?

    If you read that post and thought it was real, you are -as Mike so nicely put it- a fucking moron.

    If you read that post and thought it was a ‘fake’ to trick people, you’re a fucking moron.

  12. So…. this is like one of those FAKE “Official Movie Previews” on youtube that get nothing but Thumb Downs and Negative remarks. Those people don’t seem to think its funny. o.0

  13. ICEcrown, what are you talking about? OF COURSE it’s real.

    Look at all the obvious signs of it being real and totally not a joke that I didn’t actually think would trick anyone.

    Let’s see… Troll Face at the end of the post.

    It’s the same image over and over.

    The image hosted on and not on photobucket.

    Absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top writing.

    Sending a gold giraffe to pay for it.

    Asking why something looks like a banana.

    Saying the alt mode looks like a shaved black bear.

    The things people most want to know about Motormaster are if his feet are the truck cab and if his head is in a box, and the picture ‘showing’ it only has the description “Look at those feet! And that head!”

    Saying the combined mode was made with movie Jazz, movie Sideswipe, and Hotwheels cars. Just think about the size differences there, or how they’d have to be attached or how they’d not be able to actually make limbs.

    The images never being mirrored over at TFW or any other forum.

    Other people in the comments getting in on it and leaving completely ridiculous descriptions about it after ‘seeing’ the images (Thanks for that, everyone!).

    So yes, of course it’s real.

    I really do have FP Motormaster and this review was absolutely intended to boost my ego and make people think I’m lying about it and get more hits on my site.

    It absolutely was not a joke troll intended to make people laugh without actually fooling people. I mean, why would I do that?

    Mike, ICEcrown… I’m a nice guy and I try to be nice to my visitors. But c’mon.

    Tophat, I know you’re just saying what Mike said, but tone it down a bit. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  14. Holy shit that was a fast reply 0_0? I was just reading the comments and commented on the comments :P No negative intentions here.

  15. Matrix, that wasn’t a reply to you. I actually read stuff instead of just skimming over it, so I got your intention. :D

    But yeah, sort of like those fake movie trailers. But only some of them.

    You know the ones that try to look real and are just intended to get views from unsuspecting clicks? I’d say it’s okay to be upset at those.

    But if it’s a fake and obviously a parody, that’s different.

    Getting your jimmies rustled over my ‘review’ is about the same as getting pissed at Norm MacDonald for reporting fake news on Saturday Night Live.

    Wait, I need a more modern analogy…

    It’s like getting pissed at Stephen Colbert when you find out he’s not a real Republican.

    ~Matt Booker

  16. Wait!!! Are you telling me all the news I watched back in the day…. was fake! Damn you SNL!!!!

    New SNL just doesn’t seem as good as old school SNL.

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