Action Pose – Maketoys Bulldozer vs Mech Ideas Geminus

I figure a guy called Bonecrusher should hit pretty hard…

But hard enough to crack a faceplate?

Oh yes.

The hammer is my FIST.

Click the picture for the full version!

Bulldozer is easily my favorite of the set from Maketoys Green Giant, but I also like bulldozers and Bonecrusher was my favorite Constructicon. Yeah, he doesn’t have the blade on his chest, but I actually really like it as it is. Officially, the parts of the blade are supposed to rest behind his hips (making the pistons beam sabers, but Maketoys didn’t include any beams for them), but I prefer them rotated around and resting behind his shoulders like a small cape.

And that alt mode… It’s perfect. No wheels on the treads is a good thing, and the blade is very poseable.

Speaking of poseability, that really is how they’re posed in the display. The bots are unsupported, and can stand in those poses without touching each other.

While that’s not as impressive with Bulldozer, Geminus is practically a limbo king. He’s solidly balanced, even holding his hammer with his arm splayed. Mech Ideas did a great job on Apex and Geminus, and I recommend getting at least one if you’re on the fence.

I’ll put it this way… My pile of loot from BBTS shipped with Masterpiece Soundwave, Maketoys Green Giant, and Mech Ideas Geminus.

And Geminus was not overshadowed.

Plus, free battle-damaged head! :)

~Matt Booker

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