Fall of Cybertron Kickback – Leg Mod and Better Alt Mode

The Insecticons are favorites of mine, and Kickback is my favorite of those. I even have the rerelease G1 versions in my Classics display.

So naturally Generations FOC Kickback was going to be awesome. Right?

It’s not like HasTak would give Kickback an alt mode that looked like an apathetic jumble of bug parts that decided to take a nap, and would completely ignore the most important part of his alt mode and the reason for his name…




ZZZ... ZZZ...

Aw, crap.

There are a few fan modes of FOC Kickback floating around, at least. Here is one by Mr. Chaos at TFW. There’s also the one from when the first pictures of the prototype were shown, though I wouldn’t call that a fan mode so much as Tekmen trying to make sense of the bug mode without instructions.

Other Fall of Cybertron Kickback fan modes generally involve variations of those, with either the back feet turned around or the whole legs turned around.

They all have one thing in common… They still look like an apathetic jumble of bug parts that decided to take a nap.

But Kickback isn’t supposed to look like that. He’s a grasshopper, and even if he’s a giant robot grasshopper, he should still have a go at looking like one. Even the G1 version, which was just a re-used evil alien grasshopper tank, even it knew that what seperates a grasshopper from other bugs is right there in the name.

Here’s a picture to illustrate.


Maybe this is the doing of the Decepticon’s resident medic, or maybe it’s the fault of the video game.

Either way, it looks like crap.

But it doesn’t have to! Just follow this easy mod guide and I’ll show you step by step how to transform your FOC Kickback from a limp lapse of lazy locust limbs into a kickass back-kicking rowdy robot grasshopper!

As this is a step by step, first we’ll start out with Ste-

“Whoa there, author. Wade Wilson has you covered!”

Oh no…

“Step one? Check. Step two? Oh hoh, chee-yeck!

"Maybe I should have used more bubble wrap."

Deadpool… I don’t usually do that joke for the mod guides now.



“These, these things grow back, right?”


“Aw cripes… When the anesthesia wears off, Spider-Man’s gonna be pissed.”


“I didn’t bring any ice is what I did! You got any?”

Moving on.

Step one of this guide is-

“Hey, if Pete calls, tell him it was Mephisto.”




Step 1Trim The Peg

We’ve already seen that FOC Kickback’s legs won’t straighten properly on their own, and that’s because of a tiny piece of black plastic that’s stopping the gray shins from fully rotating around.

To get to it, you need to start out with the leg in bot mode, and then rotate the gray shin piece forward just below the knee.

From there, look inside the spiky shin guard and you’ll see a black tab sticking up.

Trim top of tab.

I had already cut off the part of the tab that was in between the brackets, but this should show you what to do.  While you can cut off the whole tab, just a bit off the top will do. There needs to be enough room for the shin guard to rotate, and this part isn’t very visible in either mode so feel free to do either.

My flush cutters were too wide to fit into the spiky part of the shin guard, so I just took a sharp blade and cut the plastic.

Now we’re ready to move on to Step two.


Step 2 – Why would HasTak even put that there?

“I see what you did there…”

Before we get started on this step, you should know that this one is slightly more advanced than cutting the top off a plastic peg.

Wait! Come back!

It’s not that advanced. But you do have to be okay with handling a sharp blade.

Stop squirming. It’s not that scary.

And it’s completely optional!

That’s right. This step is completely optional. All it does is give FOC Kickback more articulation in alt mode. Trimming that peg will still give you a better looking robot grasshopper, but his back legs are mostly static. If you’re okay with that, skip this step.

Go on. We won’t make fun of you.





“They gone? Man, can you believe those wussies?”

You know they have to scroll past this to get to that step, right?



"Yeah, but they're cool wussies."


So those of you that actually want to do this step, here it is!

Shave Red to be even with Purple below.

I’ve colored the part you need to cut in red. You can just use a sharp knife to do this, but I’d recommend trimming off the bulk of it with a pair of flush cutters. After that, just use the blade to clean up the rest of it, testing the joint until you’ve shaved off enough that the black leg section can fold the rest of the way up.

It should look something like this when you’re done.

FOC Kickback After Cut

Why would HasTak even have put that section there? Or that black tab from Step one?

Probably to force people to put it in that stupid looking alt mode from the video game.

On to Step three!


Step 3 – Better Transformation

Transform Fall of Cybertron Kickback as per the instructions, but straighten out the gray shin piece so that it resembles a grasshopper leg.


Oh hey. A sailboat.

That’s it! Enjoy your giant robot grasshoppper, and if you did step two, FOC Kickback can actually kick back!


My FOC Kickback Leg Mod Fix Guide is so easy, I’m surprised no one else has  posted about it. And if you or someone you know has, please let me know! I’ll happily mention it here on this page. :)

I have pretty thoroughly googled the question, and the closest I could find was this mod by ClutchKick on TFW. ClutchKick mentions shaving off the plastic that stops the joints from moving, so it’s pretty obvious he at least shaved the black tab, but there’s no guide showing how to do it, and the alt mode that it shows for FOC Kickback has a different configuration. It’s a variation of the fan mode with the reversed leg, and it still looks like an apathetic jumble of bug parts that decided to take a nap.

I know I keep saying that, but that’s what it looks like. The official version, the fan-mode versions that I linked to… It’s not meant as insult, but a reflection of the main complaint that I keep reading about FOC Kickback. Great bot mode, crappy alt mode.

But that shouldn’t stop you, dear reader, from having a FOC Kickback that can kick ass. Two tiny black tabs, two optional purple bits, and a proper transformation are all that stands in the way of it looking like a real robot grasshopper.

If you like the guide, leave a comment and let me know!

“Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, and leave a positive or negative comment in the box below.”

You’ve been watching too much youtube.

“This channel needs more cats.”

Goodnight everybody!

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Fall of Cybertron Kickback – Leg Mod and Better Alt Mode

  1. Well, it’s… different. I’m not sure if it’s really better, but I see what you were going for and you achieved it.

    …that sounded far less sarcastic and pandering in my head.


    I pass up on Kick Back the few times I seen it and now you make me want him. You do know that its SHORTPACKED?

    (?°?°??? ???)

    Oh and hiiiiiiiiee Mistah Pool! *wink*

  3. Being able to fully extend that joint the robot mode shin hinges on opens up a couple of alternate transformations for the foot, too.The foot can be folded into the back of the shin, not only with the toes forward, but also with the heel forward.

    It’s some different looks to play around with, at least.

  4. Thanks Mister Valiant. I’m glad you liked it! Greyryder, that sounds cool. The way I went with was trying to more closely mimic a real grasshopper leg, but since we’re talking about mechanical alien grasshoppers, there’s plenty of room for variation. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Trying this out for my Takara FoC Kickback. Official bug mode is kind of crap, really, but then I remembered this wonderful little guide!:D

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