Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone – Leg Mod \ Knee Fix

I kind of wanted to call this guide, Fansproject Stunticons – Fix ’em if you got ’em, because really, if you got ’em, they need fixin’. But I’m also trying to be more specific with the titles for friendly interweb searching.

If you have them, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Transforming them makes you feel like you’re breaking them.

Fansproject has done a great job with these two. Really, they have. They’re not deluxe size, but they are bigger than scouts, and I’m a fan of smaller TFs. They’ve got great articulation, and that with the excellent robot sculpts mean FP Car Crash and FP T-Bone are just begging to be put in dynamic action poses.

And who doesn’t like sexy race cars?


“What, no Sunstreaker joke?”

Shh! Breakdown is so paranoid about that, he snuck in under an assumed name.

“Oh, so that’s why…”

Even Wildrider removed his iconic G1 ear spikes.

“Okay, I’ll bite.”

They could be used as handles.


“Goodnight everybody!”

Not yet. Gotta give it some time for that thought to filter out or you’ll have nightmares.

So back on topic, Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone are good, except transforming them feels like they’re going to break. That may sound scary to those of you that don’t have them, but it’s even worse for those of you that own them. $60 Transform, er,  rather, $60 converting robots shouldn’t have any darn problems, especially from a company as reputable as Fansproject.

Well, reputable being a relative term if you consider that whole 3rd party thing… But lets not get into that.

Point is, there’s an easy fix!

It will take you less than a minute to do if you’ve got a pair of flush cutters.

Somewhere, someone will read those words and have their butt pucker tighter than DP when he has that ‘the ole banana in the tailpipe’ dream that he’s going to have when he goes to sleep tonight.

Yes, it’s cutting the plastic on your high end adult collectable not-Stunticons.

No, it’s not something drastic or even difficult to do.

Just hear me out, okay?



Both FP Car Crash and FP T-Bone share a basic transformation scheme. Even if they actually only share a few of the same molded parts, they still share a basic style.

That means both of them have lower legs that consist of two main parts, an outer car shell and an inner structure that allows the upper leg and knee to fold down into the car shell for alt mode.

For robot mode, the car shell of the lower leg has a pair of pegs that plug into holes on each side of the knee. If you look closely, you can see one of those pegs on FP T-Bone in the above picture, just below the two screws on the red section of the top of the leg.

That may sound complicated, but don’t worry, there will be more pictures.

So two pegs on the shell go into the sides of the knee, and that keeps the upper leg lined up correctly.

With me so far?

The problem is actually those pegs. They’re too long.

They plug into the knee securely, but since they’re too long it makes it hard to actually get them into and out of the knee.

And by ‘hard’, I mean you have to bow the plastic at the base of the peg, just to make enough clearance for plugging and unplugging the peg.

That’s not exaggerating.



If you’ve been following along, you probably already know the solution is just to trim the pegs. But how much to trim? Each peg or only certain ones? Should you accidentally cut yourself, or buy those kevlar gloves?

Fear not, dear reader. I’ve already taken the chance on trimming my high end adult collectable not-Stunticons, so you have some footsteps to follow in.

And remember how I said that FP Car Crash and FP T-Bone share the same basic style, but they only share a few of the same molded parts?

If you said no, stop skimming and start reading.

But yeah, most of their parts are different. Because of that, the what to trim on each one is actually a bit different. Still easy, but different.

Both require you get a pair of flush cutters. You could just use a sharp blade, but flush cutters are so much easier. You’ve been warned!

Fansproject Car Crash Leg Mod Knee Fix

For FP Car Crash, you just have to trim one of the pegs.

One is a white peg. One is a blue peg.

Trim the white peg. Do not trim the blue peg.

(The rest of the pictures for this mod guide have the details magnified and sharpened. Don’t worry, the plastic on the actual Fansproject Stunticons is good quality and looks great.)

I told you there'd be more pictures.

Does my explanation from earlier make more sense now? Those pegs plug into holes on the sides of the knee when the upper leg folds up into place for robot mode.

How much do you trim that white peg?

Well… Part of going out and doing these mod guides means being the first to do things, which means taking chances, and sometimes that means screwing up.

And I screwed up.

Wait! Don’t click away just yet. The thing is, IT DIDN’T MATTER.

See, I trimmed the white pegs too much, and now they are so short they just barely touch the knee, and don’t peg into it at all.

But that’s okay, because the blue peg is all that’s actually needed. It plugs in tightly to the knee, but it’s short enough already that no plastic warping is needed to transform it.


Sexy peg on knee action.

Do I recommend trimming the peg that much?

No. But if you accidentally do, at least it won’t matter. :)

So what you should do is take a bit to get familiar with the peg and how much you think will need trimmed, then trim off less than that. Transform the leg, then untransform the leg. If needed, trim a little more.


Fansproject T-Bone Leg Mod Knee Fix

FP T-Bone is a bit different. Instead of trimming only one peg, you’re going to trim both pegs, and trim them differently.

One side gets trimmed more, the other just barely.

Orange? At least I didn't say 'bananna in your tailpipe.'

Okay, so the red in that picture came out orange, but it should be clear which peg is being referred to.

The red peg is the one that needs trimmed more, so start with it. Take a look at it, get a feel for how much you think will need trimmed, and trim a bit less than that. Transform it, then untransform it, and trim it more if necessary.


Don’t worry! Even if you trim this particular peg too much, it’ll be okay. Just like FP Car Crash’s white peg, the red peg is not really needed.

But again, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

So after you’ve trimmed the red peg, there’s that gray one on the other side. It’s a bit tricky, because it’s just barely big enough to still make it annoying to transform Fansproject T-Bone.

If you’re comfortable with that on yours, feel free to stop modding it right there.

If not, you need to just barely trim off a tiny sliver of plastic from the gray peg.

Just like with all the other pegs, take a moment to get familiar with it, and make a conservative estimate on how much you think needs cut. We’ve saved this step for last, and you’ve had practice doing this on four other pegs by now.

You can do this.

For this step, I used a sharp blade instead of the flush cutters, just because it can give you more control when cutting a small sliver.

Take your time. Going slowly and doing a small amount is the key for this step.

Trim the gray tab only if you feel like you should.

And like I said, this step is potentially optional. See how yours is, and you may not be bothered enough to do it. Even if you skip trimming the gray peg, doing the rest of the steps in this guide will make your FP Stunticons so much better.


A couple of nice users over at TFW, OptionZero and David Hingtgen, have said that the red tab on their T-Bone was less of a problem than the gray tab, which needed more than a sliver shaved off.

That wasn’t the case on mine, but it’s something to be aware of. So just check yours, go slowly, and be careful. :)



And that’s it for this mod guide on how to fix the first two FP Stunticons.

If you liked it, hated it, were insulted by it, were helped by it, or have any questions about it, leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share with your friends and internet trolls using the boxes above that, if you’re into that whole social media thing.

~Matt Booker

21 thoughts on “Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone – Leg Mod \ Knee Fix

  1. THANK YOU. I had these like two weeks and havent transform them like maybe six times because of the legs. EVERY TIME IT FELT LIKE THEY WAS GOIN TO BUST THE PLASTIC. I thought I just keep them as robot but what about MENASOR? Done the mode and they are ace!

  2. I’ve barely touched mine since I got them, and have only put them in alt mode once, and just as you stated, I thought for sure I was going to just start snapping pieces.

    Thanks as always for the heads up!

  3. No problem motorbreath!

    And Bosch, you’re the one who recommended I start using flush cutters back during the Rampage mod, and I’ve been using them for most of my plastic cutting since, so thank you for that. :)

    And as for the snapping piece, it’s the most common complaint I’ve heard about them. The legs just feel like you’re going to break em, even if you don’t. And that’s not a good thing on retail robots, let alone $60 high end collectables.

    Be careful where you talk about that, though. I mentioned it in the FP Menasor thread on TFW and a few people vehemently disagreed. Like, seriously took offense, and said I was blowing the problem out of proportion.

    Ooookay then. :) I fix stuff whenever something bothers me enough to actually do something about it. I put up guides because I want to help other people.

    I try to give those two or so people on TFW the benefit of the doubt, so if they say theirs requires little to no pressure at all to transform the legs, that’s cool.

    For all the other people, this guide should make your FP Stunticons much better.

    And thanks for everyone chiming in to let me know this helped. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  4. BOTH of mine needed fixed! Did the mod and it works! I have put them in car and robot so much more now.


  5. These two look cool, but have you seen the rest of them? Generic dullsville!

  6. Well if I ever get these guys, I’ll consider this mod. I’m no stranger to modding expensive pieces of plastic, if so far just the lime green and purple kind. (Hercules) It’s just that right now I’m enamored with MMC’s black gold red and orange reformatted beast…and their Sixshot.

  7. Thanks. :)

    And in response to both comments about these guys and the whole team… I’m not getting the rest of the FP set. I might get Motormaster if the colors are cool, and if the bot mode kibble isn’t as bad as it appears to be right now, but honestly it’s just not that appealing to me at the moment. The pictures FP showed really look like it’s posed to try to hide the kibble, which so far looks to be some big flaps on the back and huge chunks of stuff on the arms.

    I don’t blame them for wanting it to look good, but honesty is the better policy, especially when it’s an expensive 3rd party transformer.

    But Dragstrip and Dead End? There are some things I like about them, but not enough to feel great about spending that much money on them as individual TFs. And if I don’t really like them, and I’m iffy on Motormaster, do I really care enough about Menasor to buy the whole set?


    Not when I could use that money to get things I’d rather have, like FP’s take on Weirdwolf and Brainstorm (provided the colors are cool).

    Break Down and Wildrider I had no qualms about ordering, even though they were overpriced (According to FP at TFcon, it’s to lower the price of Motormaster, which seems kinda bullshit to me. These are being offered as individuals, most people are going to buy the whole set anyway, and offering cheaper limbs would have prevented a lot of the rampant bitching about them being overpriced.), and I really do recommend them.

    MMC’s Predaking and Sixshot both look really cool. They’re not on my want list, but I completely understand you being enamored with them. :D

    Now, if you had said that other 3rd party Predaking, you’d need internet slapped. Or shown a video review of it. Same thing.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. thanks! sweet guide and sweet fix. i’m not afraid of transforming them now and its giving me something to do until the others in the set ship.

    the pegs on my wildrider were just like your guide said btw

  9. The original G1 Wildrider was a Ferrari, while FP’s T-Bone is a Ferrari-ish concept car. The similarities to his G1 car mode aren’t as well-stated as Car Crash and Breakdown, but that’s ok because T-Bone’s alt mode is fantastic. Folks, this is what a Decepticon car should look like! He looks angry and dangerous! The angular plates manage to convey battle armor, and yet he still looks like a viable car design. Yes, T-Bone’s car parts are remolded from Car Crash, but it’s such a great and clever piece of work that, apart from maybe the rear engine area, succeeds in making the two cars look unique. The quality of the plastic is excellent, and everything locks together very well. The only issue I have here is that his weapon doesn’t store as exhaust pipes quite as well as Car Crash’s. One half pegs in fine, the other just doesn’t want to fit properly.

  10. Alright, so I bought one of these. Black and red and ooooh sooooo hot.


    It went right back in, at least. ^_^;

    I had to do the mod just like you said. The plastic felt like it was going to snap but now they transform easy easy! Thanks!!

  11. I did the fixes like you said except for the first cut on Car Crash. I too cut to much and it was too much sadly. Oh well, that is just how it works I guess.

  12. Thanks for commenting, James. Does it at least still hold the position properly?

    ~Matt Booker

  13. Well now. I’ve gotten Car Crash. And Down Force. (main reason for caving on these guys as that car mode is so cool) And while it doesn’t feel all too much like I’m gonna break Breakdown’s legs when I transform them…I’m gonna trim that white peg a little. And then do the same to Wildrider when I get him and Dead End.

    …It sucks sometimes being a sucker for combiners.

  14. I would’ve gotten the rest of the FP Stunticons if it weren’t for delays with 3rd Party combiners. At the start of last year, I could only budget for one and I picked the Stunticons since they were cheaper and seemed like they’d be cool.

    But whereas I started to like the FP Stunticons less and less, I started to like the MMC Predacons more and more. The delays meant more budget leeway, and comparing a $60 scout class Stunticon to a $80 ultra sized Predacon… it’s easy to see where the money gets more value.

    So those two FP Stunticons were sold on ebay, and I preordered the MMC Predacons. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  15. Just got T-Bone at last, and oh boy did those grey tabs need trimming. The red ones barely touch the knee, but I ended up popping one of the door panels off trying to get the grey one to let go. (it scared me for a second, but it popped right back on) I trimmed them down slightly, though it seems like the barest nub would do, and loosened the screw holding the leg together ever so slightly so it’s inclined to bend apart a little. Does mean the door panels are a bit less secure, but they’re fine so long as they’re not being tugged.

    But there’s no way in Hell I’m going to argue that the Feralcons don’t give much more bang for buck.

  16. Glad it helped. And that door panel that popped off on your T-Bone was probably just like the one that popped off on the one I had.

    There are some cool things about the FP Stunticons, but I’m still glad I’m getting the MMC Preds instead. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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