CRAFT! – Smallest Minecraft Pig

This is a Minecraft pig. Made of paper.

It is standing on a dime.

Two of them can stand on it.

Mabel is SO jealous right now.

I made this for my wife, because she likes piggies and Minecraft and cute miniatures. :)

If you want to make one, you can find the model at The Standardized Papercraft thread on It’s also probably at a bunch of other places, but that’s the one I used.

A standard size Minecraft pig is much bigger than this one, though. If you want yours smaller, you’ll have to resize the image in your friendly neighborhood image editing program. (If you don’t have one, Google ‘free online image resize’ and you’ll have plenty of options.)

Since I just resized it, but I’m not the originator of the papercraft model, I don’t feel comfortable hosting it here. Bearodactyl went to the trouble of putting the tabs on it and uploading it, so go to that link, maybe even thank him\her.

Since this is a CRAFT! post and not LOOKATWHATICANDO!, I do have some handy tips for you.


Tip 1 – How Big Is The Pig?

I resized the original pig by 50%.



Very carefully.

Oh, alright. So when folding something this small, you want to be sure of your folds before you make them. That’s important during normal papercraft, but it’s especially important here as it will help keep the rest of the paper sturdy.

I used my thumbnail to crease each fold, and was just very delicate about how it was all handled. Go slowly, and be careful.


Tip 3 – What Glue To Use?

I just used a glue stick. It was that kind that’s purple and dries clear. That’s a handy thing when dealing with tiny bits of paper, so I knew what parts had glue and what didn’t.


Tip 4 – HOW Do You Glue?

With a toothpick.

You’re going to be putting glue on tabs that make the tip of the gluestick look huge, so it’s best to scrape some of that purple off and spread it on the tabs with a tiny wooden phallic symbol. Or a toothpick works too.



Ah, I see you’ve gotten to the legs.

They are tiny, so they’re probably not going to want to hold their shape when being manhandled by even the daintiest of girly digits.

I took the toothpick and carved out a chunk of glue that was about the size of the legs, then I wrapped the model for the legs around the chunk of glue.

You heard me.

Not only does this make the leg stick together nicely, the glue adds some weight and makes the pig more stable. Sort of like diecast feet in a tiny plastic giant robot.


Tip 6 – Why No Pictures Of The Process?

That’s not a tip.

It’s a tip for you.

This post is getting carried away, and there’s not even a Deadpool cameo.

Yes, there’s only a picture of the final product, but c’mon, it’s a bunch of papercraft blocks. Fold on the lines, glue the tabs and stick them on the inside of whatever edge they touch when folded.

Elementary school, my dear readers.


Stop that! And yeah, the legs could’ve used a picture, since it’s not exactly standard practice for papercraft. But does it really? Is it that hard to imagine rolling a chunk of stick glue, like some kind of tiny purple tootsie product, and then folding a piece of paper around it like some kind of pig-leg-shaped wrapper?

You see? Now if I put a picture of it here, I’d just be insulting your intelligence.

And I wouldn’t want to do that. It’s being nice, not being lazy. :D

So that’s the first post in the CRAFT! category here on I’ll try to have some more pictures and a traditional step-by-step guide for other installments, and they’ll be a bit more complicated.

Like the post? Have a question? Want to tell me I’m a jerk? Feel free to leave a comment, or use one of those handy buttons to share this with the Minecraft enthusiast in your social media circle and or site.


~Matt Booker

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  1. O-O

    I want one! And even if that’s a dime, it’s hard to get a feel for how small that is from the picture. Take some more, but zoomed out.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do another post with updated pictures sometime. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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