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How To Hard Bones And Master Heads


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Hardbones are from Mars, Nebulons are from Australia

Really, I could go on. Just look at this list of the top 10 most popular self help books. They’re not even trying! Living a fuller Hardbone. Embracing your Hardbone. Tapping into your best Hardbone.

I could go on, you know.

Quick, I need to say what this is about before the jump! It’s a new feature here on, that’ll pop up every now and then. If I see people having a lot of problems with a certain TF and those problems aren’t actually caused by the TF, then behold How Do I Transformer?!

It’s also for features that aren’t in the instructions, so you can tell people to STFU when they tell you to RTFM.

And now, Hardbone!

Now that you’ve made the jump, I’m guessing you’re not too annoyed by the Hardbone jokes. There are a lot of TF fans that insist their toy robots have to be srs bsns, and get genuinely flabbergasted at things like the name of Toyworld’s Hardbone, or Toyworld’s Grindrod, or that one Asian site that keeps getting scoops on 3rd party news (Uranus: Secret Toys Garden).

And some just think it’s childish or vulgar.

I can see where the latter is coming from, but–

I’m preaching to the choir here, aren’t I? If not, swallow that vehemence and keep reading. I’ll try to keep it in my pants.

The jokes, I mean.

No promises on that other thing.



First up is the main problem I see people complaining about with Toyworld’s Hardbone, that they can’t easily flip the fists out of the forearms. I’ve seen things from video reviews to forum posts complaining about this, and their solution is usually just to use a screwdriver to pry them out or to put the handle of one of the pistols in the fist and then fold it out that way.

You know what that is? Annoying! If I paid $100 for someone to give me a Hardbone, it shouldn’t need pried out with a screwdriver. (No innuendo there, otherwise I’d actually be recommending a screwdriver.)

Thankfully, you don’t need to do either of those methods.

A handy way to hand.

Step 1 – Rotate the fist to give clearance for the thumb.

Step 2 – Press down where indicated.

As long as you have even a slight amount of fingernail, this will rotate the fist out enough that you can easily transform it from there.



Really? REALLY?

Here I am, trying not to overdo the innuendo and along comes this section. Of course, regular readers will know that not offending those with delicate sensibilities is a top priority here at…

“You rang?”

"No, it's not a flathead. Yes, I can make it fit."

Actually, you don’t need to stick your screwdriver in between Hardbone’s legs to pry the crotch apart, but thank you, Sunstreaker.

“Well just because you don’t need to…”

I’m putting you two on different shelves.

“You have to sleep sometime.”


HOW TO– *ahem* How to transform Toyworld Hardbone’s crotch doesn’t get brought up as a complaint too often, yet I have actually seen some people have trouble with it. One early Youtube video reviewer even struggled with the crotch so much that he had to use a screwdriver to pry it apart.

Here’s a link to that part of the video.

“And… subscribed!”


In fact, the crotch actually pops apart easily. All you have to do is make sure the crotch plate is flipped up and then pull down on the legs.

Haven't you ever pants'd a robot before?

That’s it. No need to damage the plastic by prying it open. It pops apart naturally as you pull it down. It’s not supposed to pop apart before that.


Taking The Cannon Off

This next part is just a quick note to address something that’s probably more well known now that Toyworld Hardbone is popping up at retailers, but you do not need to remove the cannon for transformation. It doesn’t get in the way, and with as tight as the plug is, pulling it off and putting it back in is a lot more difficult.

Taking off the cannon is in the instructions, and I’ve seen Youtube reviewers recommend doing it, but don’t. Just keep the cannon plugged in.



Speaking of youtube reviews, Peaugh has a great tip about getting Hardbone’s cannon to fit easier. And by easier, I think he means ‘at all.’

Seriously. I had to take Peaugh’s advice or the peg on mine wouldn’t fit. I could have tried to force it, but there was no need to thanks to some handy sandpaper.

You can watch Peaugh’s review here. This one I do recommend watching.

Yes, it’s a mod to a $100 toy. No, it shouldn’t have needed it. Yes, you should quit your bitching. It takes less than a minute to mod it, and you won’t cut yourself on this one.



The first reviews of Toyworld Hardbone tried to say that the headmaster couldn’t fit in the cockpit unless it was folded up into head mode. That was disproven as more people actually got a Hardbone, but I still see people having trouble doing it.

So here’s a nice, clear picture showing the position the legs need to be in.

Place robot in seated position. Sit robot.

It’s easy to say something like, “So, to sit the robot in the cockpit, you have to put the robot in a sitting position?” while laughing about it. And I have.

But it actually is a bit tricky, so it’s understandable if people are still having problems with it. That picture should help, though. Get it in that position, plop it in there, and adjust as needed. The headmaster should lean back slightly, but not too much, and the cockpit should be able to close easily.



Next up is something cool that’s not in the instructions, but it was obviously a designed feature because it involves a sliding joint that has no other purpose outside of doing this.

The default storage spot for Hardbone’s pistols in alt mode are on the sides of the tank, using the peg holes on the outside of his robot mode forearms.

A better way to store them is on the tank cannon itself.


It really beefs up the cannon, and keeps the sides of the tank much cleaner.

Here’s a side view of what it looks like.

Side View

Here’s the part that the pistols attach to for storage, and the positions for robot and alt mode.

Hardbone's cannon gets erect for pistols.



Yes, Toyworld Hardbone has an alternate alternate mode. It’s not in the instructions, but it’s clearly part of the design.

The rear tank treads have slots that correspond with some clear plastic tabs that fold out of Hardbone’s armpits.

It… makes more sense in hand.

But there are two additional slots on the treads, designed specifically to put them in a second position that raises up the rear of the tank.

Hardbone doing Transform-Ups in roboot camp.

The front treads don’t move out of position, so the back is the only part that gets angled. I’ve seen some people claim that you’re supposed to angle the front treads as well, but they are not meant to!

When the front treads are transformed, they only fit in there one way, sitting snugly in a recessed area on the blocky parts of the groin. If you rotate them further than that, you’re actually stretching the ratchet joint apart and putting a lot of stress on the hips.

So the alt alt mode isn’t that different from the regular alt mode, but it is at least different. Maybe it’s to mimic the raised H-Tank look of Guzzle in the IDW comics, or the raised cockpit on G1 Hardhead.


And that’s about it for the first installment of How Do I Transformer? here on

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  1. I don’t even own a Hardbone, and yet I was still entertained (future posts need moar ‘Streaker).

  2. !!!!!!!!! That looks so much bettr than just putting the pistols on the sides of the tank! Toy of the year just got better. And lol to Sunstreaker.


  3. Thanks for the details dude. I never had any of these problems. But I can see how other would have that problem. Like to see more installments moving forward. I also enjoyed the Sunstreaker bits :D

  4. Thanks, everyone. :) Sunstreaker will show up every now and then, when inappropriate.

    But too much disinfectant really starts to chafe.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Big thanks for this post. Got my Hardbone (f’narr f’narr) yesterday, and having read this post in advance made things a lot easier. Fantastic toy, I love how they’ve given him so many different weapon options.

  6. Thanks! Glad it helped. And yeah, there’s a lot of nice options with the weapon configurations. The weapons are actually something I didn’t like about the Headrobots version. Not only were they waxy and barely detailed, but they didn’t even have recessed tips on the barrels.

    ~Matt Booker

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