DigiBash – ToyWorld TW-02 Optimus Prime IN COLOR

ToyWorld has shown a prototype for TW-02, a product that a lot of TF fans have been wanting to see ever since it was teased in silhouette. Just like with Hedgemon\Megatron, they’re not fooling anybody with this design, as it’s clearly the recent and very popular IDW look for Optimus Prime.

Rumor was that HasTak had an IDW Optimus coming out, and fans wondered how it would compare to even the shape of ToyWorld’s teased offering. And then Hasbro showed it off, and the big reveal was very, very small.

Smaller than Cyberverse Commander class kind of small.

But hey, there was still ToyWorld’s TW-02!

And now they’ve shown it!

And some people think it looks boring.

What the heck is wrong with them? Perhaps it would help to see it in color.


Now THAT is just Prime!

This is, of course, an unofficial digibash (an image altered to produce a concept custom), but hot dang if that don’t look awesome.

ToyWorld’s TW-02 IDW Optimus may not even have its colors picked out yet, but if it’s even just approaching those, it’ll be something I want in my collection.

I know Classics Optimus Prime is a popular mold, but I’m not a fan of it. From the lazy arm kibble that can sort of pass as shields, to the complete lack of lower jaw (and thus, no heroic chin), it’s just not a great option for Optimus Prime. I currently have iGear’s PP01 standing in for Optimus in Classics, but its plastic is about as strong as cold butter and it’s a very G1 looking Optimus standing around a bunch of updated designs. It’ll do, pig, but it comes in second out of third.

And TW-02? So far it’s angling for first.


Did you like the digibash?

Do you not care?

Want to tell me I’m wrong about Classics Optimus Prime?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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And ToyWorld, if you see this and haven’t picked the colors yet, consider it a friendly suggestion. :)

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “DigiBash – ToyWorld TW-02 Optimus Prime IN COLOR

  1. Thanks! And as for the head, I’m okay with it, but I’m also not looking for IDW accurate. I can understand people wanting it, but it looks enough like Optimus in general for me to be okay with it.

    Of course, I’m also comparing it to Classics Optimus Prime, which is one of the worst Optimus head sculpts.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Something about that head, I don’t like. I think it’s the eyes. They seem kind of squinty and set too close.

    Anyway, I thought this looked great, before your recoloring.

    I like the classics Prime head….

  3. I think it’ll look at lot better in hand, but the head is a bit more round than usual. And I colored in the eyes with a bit of glow, so they’re not exact to how they were on the prototype. :)

    Classics Optimus… It’s just such an extreme angle from the ‘nose’ area to the bottom of the faceplate. There’s no room for a lower jaw, and it doesn’t jive with how Optimus is usually depicted. He’s robot John Wayne, so he needs heroic features. :D

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I couldn’t put my finger on why I wanted TW-02 (since I already own MP Prime), but with your thoroughly unflattering description of Classics OP, you have now now given me a concrete reason to buy this figure. Aaargh.

  5. Of course, if I were to nitpick, it would have been nicer if ToyWorld had managed to approximate the lankier IDW Prime’s proportions a little more closely. This mold is a bit too chunky to achieve the same impact.

  6. Honestly, I think the IDW design is a bit too lanky for my taste, at least from the quick Google image search I did when getting the colors for this. XD I like Optimus to be a lightning bruiser, big but agile.

    But I actually do agree with you. I would have preferred they got a bit closer to the design’s lanky stature. Not all the way, but a bit closer. The thighs on this are a bit short, and maybe the upper arms.

    As for Classics Optimus… I already didn’t like the mold, so I gotta admit that I’m biased.

    < < >>

    But what I said about the chin is totally true.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. I’ve never owned Classics Prime. I never saw First Edition Prime Prime. I sold my MP Prime years ago. The RotF Leader Prime is great, but too big to display with anyone else. I like this one a lot, and even though Hasbro puts out a new Optimus every couple of weeks, this one is right up my alley and will even go great with the IDW Orion Pax that’s coming up. Great job on the colors here too, it doesn’t even look like a digibash.

  8. Thanks, Corgsopal!

    I do also have to admit that Classics Optimus was neat for what it was at the time. It was the first G1 Optimus Prime that I’d ever owned outside of Powermaster Optimus. Well, and the Beast Wars bat, but that doesn’t really count. XD

    So in the early Classics line, I did like it for what it was.

    MP01 was always too big and clunky for me. It was so heavy it was difficult to do poses other than ‘just standing there’, and I’m the guy who does things like THIS with my tfs. I had one, but I sold it after I got TRU MP10, which I think is both a better toy and a better display piece.

    I also had ROTF Leader Prime, and it was cool for what it was. It’s actually close to in scale with most of the deluxe cars (Well, at least according to the official scale charts. The movies varied height scene by scene for dramatic purposes.), and while it wasn’t as bad as MP01, it was still so heavy it was hard to do more than just ‘standing there’. And on top of that, I think the ROTF Battle Blades voyager is leaps and bounds better. It takes all of the good things of the leader version and makes it smaller, and it’s also in robot mode scale with my favorite version of movie Ironhide.

    First Edition Prime Prime does some interesting things, but it’s a bit too visually distinct as a Prime figure to go in my Classics collection. Plus, my wife would slap me if I tried. :D

    I’ve got TRU MP10 for Masterpiece, but I want a nice updated Optimus for Classics. This ToyWorld version is looking better and better to me.

    Also, thank you for the compliments! It apparently looks enough like an official image that a seller on Taobao used it for the preorder, and TFormers.com is reporting it as official. Lol.

    ~Matt Booker

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