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The devil is in the details, and geeks know that all too well. Sometimes that can lead to possession obsession, and that can be a bad thing.

If you’re more than a moderate Transformers fan, you likely know about RIBFIR\FIBRIR, and why them’s fightin’ words in certain circles of the internet. If you don’t, click that link. Or go to your favorite TF message board and ask. Hilarity ensues.

What’s my stance on it?

Personally you can call ’em whatever you want, but so far as my collection goes, I’ll stick with the cartoon. The blue guy is the one with piledrivers, so it makes sense for him to be called Rumble, since that’s what he makes the ground do.

Is that enough of a lead-in? I could have just said…


When on Decepticon turf you happen to tumble, look out man cause here comes... Frenzy?


Leave a comment if you like the post, or if you want to tell me why the red one is obviously Rumble.

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~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “Action Pose – Masterpiece Rumble

  1. And that pic with the pile drivers made me wonder as well: Since natural gas fracking is a (not so) popular thing right now, how about a new min casette-icon, Fracker! I could see it now..

    Ironhide: Did you see that little Fracker?
    Bumblebee: Yeah, that little Fracker totally got over on you!
    IH: >Mean face at BB<

    ..And it just goes from there.

  2. I grew up with and still love the (first two seasons of the) 80s cartoon, but I can’t really take it seriously for character appearances. And, not just because I had the rumble toy, when I was a kid. When three of the Decepti-jets showed up with dunce caps, you know the guys making the show were trollin’.

  3. I don’t think much of anything from the original source materal (Comics, Toys, TV Show) can be taken completely srs bsns. :)

    The cartoon had stuff like animation errors, but the comics had stuff like stilted dialogue, and the toy bios tended to make each of them out to be some kind of undefeatable badass.

    I think G1 has some really cool concepts, though.

    And while I joke about the blue (and purple) guy, if someone is genuinely wanting to argue about which source to get the name from, they’re mostly hurting themselves.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Rumble and Frenzy constantly switch their names around, just to rile others up. Soundwave doesn’t care which one is going by which name, the one that pops out is the one getting the assignment.

    Though for me personally, I like Rumble being the red one, when there’s a choice. I also like having both when possible, so it matters little in the end.

  5. I saw a comic about that once, actually. It had something to do with Blitzwing trying to find out which one is which, and they were constantly trolling him about it.

    ~Matt Booker

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