20% Cooler – Fansproject X-1 Code (Chromedome)

Welcome to another new feature here on MattBooker.info, called 20% Cooler. This category is for anything that at least has potential to be awesome,  and ways for it to be better. That could range from movies and tv shows to something like today’s subject.

And in case you missed the title, go back and read it.

Got it now?

Okay, so today’s subject is Fansproject X-1 Code (Chromedome.)

Why yes, I did just have you read the title and then I told you anyway. Next time, pay more attention.

Alright, so by now you’re probably in one of two camps about FP Chromedome. It seems opinions are as polarized on this release as whether Optimus is a truck or a monkey (Why not both? TF5 could be Michael Bay’s attempt at Beast Wars.). Either you think it looks like crap, or you really like it.

Or you’re in the middle or you don’t care. I guess that’s not exactly polarized, but a Milktoast Milly makes for less interesting posts.

And yet… I don’t actually care about FP Chromedome.

I think it looks like an okay design, and the transformation does some really cool stuff. I even don’t mind the headmaster not having balljoints, as the head transformation makes up for it and its got more poseability than the G1 version.

My problem with it?

It very, very brown. And off-white.

That’s just not very exciting for a futuristic sports car. It’s like Hasbro took a look at the 70’s and thought, “How is wood paneling going to look in the future?”

And of course FP needed to make it resemble the G1 version. It would be dumb of them not too. In fact, I actually think they did a good job of improving the looks when they updated it, with more white on the robot to keep it from being so brown.

But I know people that are huge fans of Chromedome, and they don’t like the FP version.

The reason?

Not brown enough.

Yup. It doesn’t look enough like the G1 version for them.

Here’s a news post on TFW that shows some comparison pictures with FP X-1 Code and G1 Chromedome. Go take a look.

So what’s my suggestion for making FP Chromedome 20% Cooler?


That image is courtesy of Uranus: Secret Toys Garden. Well, sort of. I got the image from the TFW news post that I linked to earlier, which showed the gallery posted from some sort of Asian site. I made sure to put their logo in there for the credit, and I hope they don’t mind me using it, but it’s hard to ask them when they don’t seem to have a website and I don’t seem to speak whatever Asian language and\or dialect that the original link is posted in.

Is that FP Code digibash actually 20% Cooler?

Depends on how much brown you want on your futuristic sports car.

What do you think about it? Leave me a comment and let me know. And if you have any friends that would prefer this version, share it with the buttons below.

~Matt Booker

13 thoughts on “20% Cooler – Fansproject X-1 Code (Chromedome)

  1. Well, I always thought that FP nailed it with Function X-1 Code. The digibash looks a mite TOO brown, for my taste. The thighs are okay, but without those nice contrasting whites on the chest plate and shins, it looks more like an off-the-shelf, minimal-paint Hasbro release.

    I wasn’t aware that there was that much dissatisfaction with Code’s coloring (or sculpt), but if there’s anybody out there who regrets buying Code, feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly take him off your hands, hehe.

  2. Haha! And yeah, I think Fansproject did a nice job on the updated coloring. This was just something for the people I know that kept bitching about Code.

    But I just don’t care that much about Chromedome. Or brown sports cars. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  3. That! That is something I would buy. Maybe it’s a strange choice for an alt mode color, but Chromedome is brown. Nostalgia may be coloring how I see it, but if it were not for nostalgia I would buy less Transformers. =)

  4. My problem with Code isn’t that he’s not brown enough or too brown, but rather I don’t think he’s worth the kind of high asking price. Of course that could change if I had it in hand, but I’ve got other third party interests at the moment.

  5. Detective Barricade, I can agree with that. I used to buy a bunch of stuff that while kind of cool, was also somewhat random. Of course, there was also stuff that wasn’t cool that I just bought because I hadn’t bought anything in a while…

    But Green Giant was one of the reasons why I refocused my collection. I didn’t like the idea of spending $355 to get it, even if I thought it was worth it. So I sold off a bunch of stuff that more than paid for it, and I just think of it like a trade.

    I’ve now got the cream of the crop. Sure, no random purchases means I have to wait for a really good sale for some things that are kind of cool (I’m interested in the new BH Optimus, but not $20 interested.), but overall my collection is better. It takes up less space, and it’s what I consider the best of what’s available.

    While I do think Code’s design has some cool stuff to it like the transformation, it doesn’t fall into the parameters of my collection. So to me, it’s not worth the price.

    Depending on how FP Brainstorm is colored, that’s different. :D

    And hi, Yu! I’m aware of the origins of 20% cooler, as well as it’s meme status, but the main reason I named this category that was because it’s an in-joke with my wife. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  6. Well, when a certain six-changer Phase Sixer ninja/assassin ‘bot is due out soon, and that same company making him is also working a group of black orange red and yellow/gold predators, (even if two of them are based on herbivores albeit mean ones) a random Headmaster doesn’t seem that important.

    BH Optimus is nice, but certainly wait for a sale. As he’s in pretty much all of the waves, there’s no need to rush.

  7. BH Optimus is awesome, although mine keeps ranting on about his father’s sword and the Riddle of Steel. No idea what he’s talking about.

    I prefer the digibash colours for Code, but I still wouldn’t buy it at the price it goes for. Ridiculous that it’s more expensive than the excellent Hardbone (f’narr f’narr).

  8. I have the same feelings about this character that you do. I would like to get him for completeness sake, but there are just so many other great figures coming out and I need to prioritize. I have Hardbone and love him, but part of the reason is because his G1 toy was one of my favourite toys as a kid. I am also waiting to see what the TW and FP Brainstorm’s look like. Then I might just have to get Chromedome.

    I stopped collecting for 2 years but recently decided to get back into it and picked up Hercules. Like you, I decided it is time to refocus my collection (been collecting since Beast Wars). Do you have any advice on how best to sell them? Is Ebay the way to go, I’ve never sold anything on there before, only bought things.

    I really like your blog BTW, I found it through TFW.

  9. Thanks, CronoSabre! I appreciate it, and I hope you continue to like the site. :)

    I like to use eBay, but just be aware that there are fees for it. TFW has a the Junkion forums, but I’ve not sold things on there and people will really try to low ball you from what I’ve heard.

    And I had Hardhead as a kid too. The toy didn’t have much articulation, but he was my favorite Headmaster.

    ~Matt Booker

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