Action Pose – Classics Blitzwing

Animated Blitzwing is not only one of my favorite characters on that show, the voyager version is quite possibly my favorite TF in that whole series.

The G1 character didn’t really have a personality. Unless you count mistaking a football coach for a military strategist. Some of you might point to his comics incarnation, but take a look at his profile. Laughs at cruel things? Likes to fight? One of the most lethally effective Decepticon warriors?

That sounds like every other generic Decepticon. Oh hey, he likes to transform between his three modes.

Animated Blitzwing not only took the character in a new direction, it took it in three new directions! And while the new Generations Blitzwing isn’t G1 enough for some people, I am glad the homages are more towards Animated.


Oh yes.

This Generations voyager is going right into my collection as Classics Blitzwing, and will be hanging out with RTS Classics Lugnut. :)

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Action Pose – Classics Blitzwing

  1. Awesome picture—but, I cannot tell (and you may have mentioned it before) how you got that pose–is it through any sort of digital trickery?
    If not, that may tip the scales to me getting this guy (though I’m going to HAVE to sculpt some goggles onto his helmet).

  2. No trickery. :) The tailfin next to that foot is giving some extra support, though.

    And goggles would be great! I know that the yellow helmet is a G1 reference, but this is much more Classics Animated Blitzwing than Classics G1 Blitzwing.

    Just be aware that Blitzwing has some QC problems, though they’re fixable. The main one is to take the spring out of the cockpit area. The head stays up fine without it, and it lets the nosecone actually fit properly.

    The shoulders also don’t lock in correctly for bot mode, which is mainly just annoying when posing Blitzwing. If you want to fix it, though, check out Snake_eyes1975’s tutorial on TFW.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. In the box, I loved him, out of the box, not so much until I modded him, now he rocks! I’ll have to look into removing the spring, I hadn’t heard about that mod.

    Speaking of, Customs by Z has put out some mods for Blitzy pants. I’m not entirely fond of the head, but the updated weapons look killer.

  4. I haven’t ordered anything from Shapeways yet. The stuff looks cool, but then I see the pictures of the results and they look pitted and rough. It could just be the material they were ordered in, or they just didn’t sand them before they painted them.

    The updated weapons do look cool, though. Mine’s still got his sword, but that dinky little gun is going to a smaller bot.

    If you don’t have any problems with the nosecone, don’t worry about the spring. The nosecone on mine wouldn’t really fit properly in alt mode, but once I took the spring out it fit just fine.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I heartily recommend dipping your toe in the Shapeways pool–though the quality you get is largely dependent on the designer as well as the material (White Strong and Flexible Polished is my preferred choice). I haven’t bought anything from Customs by Z (though his stuff looks fantastic), but I can vouch for Fakebusker, who has a lot of great Classics/Prime/Aligned add-on kits (including packs of Scraplets!). Check out the Radicons board on tfw2005 too, there’s lots of designers making stuff. It’s not the most affordable faction of the hobby, but it’s a great way to find one of a kind pieces!

  6. The first thing I order from Shapeways will probably be those Scraplets. :)

    I’ve seen some that look awesome and some that are so pitted they look like they’re made of choral. Maybe those people didn’t order it polished. That’s the main thing that’s kept me from getting them, though. Well, that and the price. But they’re on the list, especially if they don’t require sanding to look cool.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. They won’t be pitted if you order them Polished, but the intricacies surface detail will be reduced (due to the polishing process) Fakebusker recommends getting them in Frosted Ultra Detail, which is more expensive–and more brittle and prone to breakage if not handled carefully–but the detail is crisp. Mine are in FUD, but I haven’t gotten around to painting/assembling them yet.

  8. I have purchased Fakebusker’s RotF Prime hands, it the flexible, strong plastic. I wanted flexiblebecause of all the articulation and thin bits of the model. It is rough, and I’m having trouble cleaning up al the nooks and crannies.

    I’d say wait for the next generation of printers before getting fine-detail bits to scale with TFs. I was able to get one shapeways item close to the finish I wanted with paint and varnish. I am going to see if that works with these hands as well.

    In all, I am not unhappy with my purchase, but if I had foreknowledge, I’d have done something different.

  9. Thanks for the tips, Don!

    And Romorini, I think you’re right about the waiting part, at least for more intricate pieces like the ROTF Prime hands. Shapeways is supposed to just be a prototyping service anyway.

    ~Matt Booker

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