Action Pose – City Strike Snake Eyes

I’m at least a casual fan of GI Joe. I’ve got some nostalgia for it, and the toys were some of my favorites as a kid because of how articulated they were. They’re the reason why my favorite scale for action figures is 3 3/4th inches.

And like most kids, I thought ninjas were cool. And as much as a lot of modern GI Joe fans think Snake Eyes is the Wolverine of that franchise, that comparison is valid more than they want to admit. Like Wolverine, Snake Eyes has been used a lot. But also like Wolverine, Snake Eyes is a badass.

And this is one of my favorite versions of Snake Eyes.

Monkey Steals The Peach


I like ninja Snake Eyes, but I prefer the faceplate over the visor. This version melds both of those, and it’s got enough articulation to get in some very cool poses.

So what say you, dear readers? Commando Snake Eyes, Ninja Snake Eyes, or no Snake Eyes?

Leave a comment and let me know!

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Action Pose – City Strike Snake Eyes

  1. Do like the pose.

    I’m a fan of Snake Eyes’s Ladyhawke visor, myself. The “commando” mask makes me think he looks ready for some paintballing.

    While I’m sick of ninjas, I do like Snake Eyes. I just prefer to ignore that some of the comics have decided to tie his history in with nearly every major character in the G.I. Joe universe.

  2. The amazing thing about Snake Eyes is that, despite the metric ton of different figures Hasbro has released of him, they still manage to release new ones that I am convinced to buy.

    For example, while I totally loved the one you featured here (as well as his boxed-set repaint which featured a shorter sword), the Amazon-exclusive one based on “GI Joe: Renegades” also has a trench coat and thigh swivels, which are nearly unheard-of in GI Joe realms, for even more posing options. He does have the visor, though.

    Or there’s a really nice 30th Anniversary Snake Eyes all in black that’s quite impressive and has more of a realistic look (and comes with both mask and visor heads, so you can choose your favorite).

    If a company is going to inundate me with variants of the same character, it’s nice when those variants are at least worth consideration.

  3. Greyryder, the faceplate mask does remind me of paintballing. XD

    Heli, thanks for dropping by! And I completely agree about the variations. Is the Renegades version the one with side to side ankle pivots? That’s a joint I would have liked on this version.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Hi, Matt. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I never thought of anything to add before. Sunstreaker and Deadpool cover most of the potential irrelevant comments. :)

    Yes, the renegades version has the good ankle joints, too. That Amazon 4 pack is totally the way to go, especially if you can catch it on sale. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Generic Red Ninja all have thigh swivels and good ankles; they’re tons of fun to pose. The Duke that comes with it is an improvement on the single carded version, but it’s not super fantastic. Still, three awesome figures out of four is a fine rate of return.

  5. Feel free to chime in any time. :)

    And that version of Snake Eyes, while I think it looks cool, it also looks like the trenchcoat would get in the way of taking advantage of those sweet new joints. That Storm Shadow is tempting, though, and a generic Red Ninja could always be posed in a heap on the floor while Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fight.

    ~Matt Booker

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