Shoehorning 101 – Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus

Welcome to another new feature here on, Shoehorning 101, where I show pictures of Classics Transformers with ones from other lines, and then attempt to justify why they fit to a cold, unfeeling internet.

Man, ‘shoehorning’ sure is an awkward word. Much like ‘awkward’ itself, it’s one of those things that seems fine until after you type it, and even though it’s spelled correctly and confirms it really, really is spelled correctly, it just doesn’t seem like it.

But unlike ‘shoehorning’, Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus seems like it won’t look right… until you try it.

And here’s proof of why.


Click the picture for the full version!

Okay, so only two of those bots are official Classics Transformers, and even then one of them has a head that’s third party. But Mech Idea’s Geminus? Dear reader, if you don’t know that’s intended for Classics then how hard do they have to wink when telling you it’s totally not based on a certain G1 jumpstarter?

And if you look carefully behind Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus’s shoulder pads, you’ll see Toyworld’s Hardbone, which is another third party converting robot with a very familiar color scheme, alt mode, and head-is-actually-tiny-robot gimmick.

PRID Bulkhead? See here, and here, and here. Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus you can argue, but Bulkhead… I will fight you, internet.

Please don’t fight me, internet.  o_o;

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah! Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus.

I’m probably going to be saying a lot during this feature, but I know some of you aren’t going to agree with BH Magnus fitting into Classics, but hear me out. I’ve got reasons, even if that magnusifecent picture didn’t sway you.

Firstly, Classics is already made up of a few different lines that span a few different years and each have their own design style. Look at Classics Starscream and Classics Kup. Not only has articulation improved,  but size has gotten bigger and then smaller and sort of bigger again. Transformation complexity has even varied, with some lines leaning towards simple and some towards complex.

Sure, Hasbro intends those lines to go together, but if anyone is telling you there’s not a blurred aesthetic, then my lawyer informs me you should politely tell them good day. Do not punch them.

Regular readers will recognize that I’ve talked about this blurred aesthetic before, and don’t worry, it’s not going to be something I rehash every time I post in this category.

But that blurred aesthetic does let us have some more interesting shelves. And there are a lot of things more interesting than the official Classics Ultra Magnus, whether or not it’s dressed up in third party armor.

And that’s what this really comes down to. I like the character of Ultra Magnus, and I’d like to have a version on my Classics shelves. I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t like the Classics Optimus mold, so a plain white version isn’t going to be any better. And I’m also not a fan of the City Commander armor by Fansproject. A huge section of the trailer turns into a gun it can barely hold up, and regardless of its actual level of articulation the whole thing is so chunky it looks like it can barely move.

But this isn’t about me complaining about what I don’t like. It’s about me liking stuff so you can complain about it.

Wait, no, it’s about celebrating how we can put cool stuff on our shelves without being too persnickety about it. So hey, if you like the official Classics Ultra Magnus, City Commandered or not, then keep liking it.

For my shelves, I’m going with Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus. Yes, the shoulder pads are ridiculously huge. Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I like it. Yes, those shoulder pads stick out in alt mode, but they look close enough to rocket thrusters AND SUDDENLY THE ALT MODE IS AWESOME. It also comes with a hammer, and homages to Animated are a good way to make a TF one of my favorites. And I’ve heard a bunch of people complain about the color, but I like it. A lot. There’s something about that shade of blue that makes me feel giddy when looking at it.

I also like the mold. The transformation does some cool things that TFs haven’t done before. Not so much the legs, but the way the rest of it transforms. And with Ultra Magnus, the mold can finally step out of the shadow of FE Optimus.

But what about the round features? This is something people say about Prime TFs in general, but the TF Prime designs are a mix of movie and Animated, so while there are some rounded features there’s plenty of flat armor pieces.

And even then, I posted about this when discussing whether PRID Bulkhead could fit into Classics. Look at Classics Ironhide, Hound, Tracks, or Bumblebee. For every blocky Starscream, there’s a gangly Perceptor.

The rounded thighs on BH Ultra Magnus fit just as much as the rounded thighs on Classics Wreck-Gar. The slightly rounded forearms on BH Magnus fit just as much as the slightly rounded forearms on Classics Jazz.

So does he fit? For me, yup.

But this isn’t really about me trying to justify it. After all, all it really takes for Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus to fit into my Classics shelf is it making me smile to put it there. And sharing that, whether with a cool picture or just talking about reasons why, that is the point of this category.


What do you think, dear readers?

Who do you have as your Classics Ultra Magnus?

Have you sold off your Classics to focus on collecting vintage Underoos?

Leave a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to share it on your favorite corporate friendwork using the links below!

~Matt Booker

8 thoughts on “Shoehorning 101 – Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus

  1. Just out of curiosity, if you’re going to use a Prime Ultra Magnus in your display, why not this one?

    He seems pretty decent, and he’s got a hammer, and he’s even more distinct from Optimus Prime.

    Personally, I’ve got the Classics version with the City Commander armor. And, yes, he’s super chunky, but he’s just so Ultra Magnusy that I can’t say no. I do wish some of that trailer chunk transformed into a hammer instead of a giant brick with a handle on it (I mean “gun”), though.

  2. I actually really like TFP-Magnus. It’s nice that he’s a completely different mold from Prime.

    But my “Classics magnus” in so much as I have one is also the FP Armor (although, he secretly has red prime inside him, not white prime but don’t tell anyone).

  3. I agree with Heli about the PRID Magnus or First Magnus as I call him for that line. I just picked up BH UM over the weekend and I like him just as much as the First Magnus. I would have liked a rifle or semi-BFG for him instead of a “flight pack” however.

    I did take your advice and put my PRID Bulkhead with my classics and he fits in quite well there, but seeing as I have vanilla Magnus in the FP armor, it makes it odd to put PRID Magnus on the classics shelf/line up.

    I have no clue right now on what I’ll be doing with all the Magnusi, but I’ll figure it out eventually.

    Could I say Magnus just one MOAR TYME?? I blame you, so there.

  4. “But my “Classics magnus” in so much as I have one is also the FP Armor (although, he secretly has red prime inside him, not white prime but don’t tell anyone).” – Hunter

    Your web of lies sickens me.

  5. I’m not using the PRID Ultra Magnus in Classics because I don’t really like that Ultra Magnus. :)

    Usually I just say that I don’t like that version, but since people are asking… The head’s too big, the shoulders are thin sticks that the arms attach to, the hammer has a thick and unwieldy shaft so it’s more like a club, the alt mode looks too simple without the hammer and the hammer doesn’t attach to it very nicely, and worst of all is that he’s got knock knees.

    You ever see how really fat dudes stand? Their legs V in so the knees almost touch, and then /\ toward the feet. Something about that stance on a beefy robot really bugs me.

    But that list sounds really nitpicky so I usually prefer to just say that I don’t like it. XD

    And I also recognize that BH Ultra Magnus has just as much ridiculousness going on, what with the gigantic shoulderpads and how they just stick out of the alt mode. So take my complaints about the PRID version with a pinch of salt.

    Aside for the knock knees. Those look like crap. :)

    Bosch, I completely agree about the flight pack. A bigger hammer or one of those cannons from the show would have been a lot cooler.

    “Your web of lies sickens me.” – Heli

    ~Matt Booker

  6. I skipped the Prime Optimus mold because I already had the FE one, and since it got remolded to Ultra Magnus, I was all the happier with my decision. Now I could have two characters that have similar alt modes, but transform in completely different ways, which is one of my favorite things when it comes to choosing my TFs.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have this Magnus (nor Sandstorm >_<) yet. My wallet can't deal with it now.

    I DO have the FOC Magnus however, mainly for his kick-ass combining sword.

  7. MP TFs and things like the MMC Predacons mean I buy a lot less cool random stuff, and for my collection FOC Magnus falls into the cool random stuff territory. It also didn’t help that at the time retail deluxes were $5 more than they are right now.

    But FOC Magnus is a lot like BH Magnus, in that they’re both remolds of Optimus and they both are way better than the Optimus version. :D

    And I completely agree about the similar alt modes with different transformations thing. Classics Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are kind of like that, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re two of my favorite Classics TFs.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. The mold was not very interesting as Optimus…yet somehow works for Nemesis Prime, and also Ultra Magnus. I’m glad I picked him and Grimwing up. Now if I could just get Nemesis Prime without it costing me an arm or a leg…

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