TRU MP Soundwave Found At U.S. Retail?!

After all the wtf and lulz that ensued leading up to and following yesterday’s online sale for Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Soundwave, no one expected to see this thing in stores.

In fact, I’m not even sure I believe it myself.

And yet…

At the Hannibal, MO TRU Express?!

That's a weird face in the corner...

The guy behind the counter said these were not for sale yet. She wouldn’t even accept a gold giraffe as payment, saying it was obviously fake. It’s like that person has never dealt with an internet reviewer before or something!

I tried sneaking them out under my shirt, but apparently huge square tits are obviously fake. Security and I had a very awkward laugh about it, though.

But I’m not allowed back in the Hannibal, MO TRU Express for at least another year. What a bunch of trolls!

~Matt Booker



8 thoughts on “TRU MP Soundwave Found At U.S. Retail?!

  1. “Huge Square Tits is my nickname for Soundwave. ^_^” – Tophat Diablo

    I would have also accepted that it is the name of your Stan Bush Cover Band. :D

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Thanks! :D

    I’m just glad most people actually laughed at this one. After the how badly the Motormaster thing pissed some people off, I tried to make it overly obvious this time. Someone posted it as a news thread on TFW, but I think the guy was trolling.

    I’ve only seen one guy get butthurt over it, and he actually tried to apologize to the entire fandom for me. Seriously. XD

    Here was my response.

    ~Matt Booker

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