Action Pose – Generations Sandstorm

I don’t have a lightbox, or even have filters on the lights that I use. A hydra lamp, my cellphone camera, and either a black or white book case are the usual tools that get used when taking toy pictures, and I do a decent amount of post processing afterward.

Usually that means I do stuff like adjust the saturation of the colors, or edit things like extra shadows.

Today, I actually liked the look of the extra shadows. So hey, here’s a picture of GenerationsClassics Sandstorm!

You got sand in my Springer!


So, dear reader, do you prefer the Sandstorm or Springer?

I’m refusing to chose. Both are awesome.

~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – Generations Sandstorm

  1. I’m SO looking forward to that guy.

    I wound up getting the Fansproject kinda-Springer “Warbot Defender” a while back, so I can’t bring myself to buy the new Hasbro Springer, but I’ve been comforting myself knowing that the mold still has a place on my shelf as Sandstorm. Although I’m still pretty regularly tempted to buy that Springer, too. Stupid Hasbro, making good toys of characters after I’ve given up and bought expensive 3rd party versions.

  2. I have both Springer and Sandstorm. I have SS’s wings set just like you do. He does look like an Asian based construction worker(THATS RACIST!!) with all the dull yellow and orange, but the colors set really well. I hate his gun however, it just looks out of place, even in VSTOL mode.

    I like Heli have Warbot Defender/Springer and he is still my fav one, even though I have a few Springer’s now. I wish he had better feet though…

    Side note, are you going to bother with Double Dealer? I’m kinda digging on this repaint, even if they don’t fix the primary mold issue, I’ll most likely grab him..

  3. Heli, there’s a reason you’re tempted by Springer. It’s a badass toy, and different enough from Sandstorm that you shouldn’t feel any mold angst for getting both. :D The sword is at least worth a look, as it’s one of the best engineered parts of the whole thing.

    If you need more convincing, check out Thew’s review of Springer.

    Bosch, Sandstorm’s gun is total crap. It’s mostly hollow underneath and barely launches the missile, whereas Springer’s is exactly the opposite. I really like how Springer’s gun even has a staggered firing effect for both of the missiles. :)

    I’m not going to bother with Double Dealer. I like Blitzwing, but I also really like the character and that it’s an Animated homage. I do like the mold, but I know the character is the main reason.

    Double Dealer just seems like a big WTF, though. Blitzwing and Springer could have easily been repainted into Flywheels and Battletrap.

    ~Matt Booker

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