The MOAR You Know – Rosie The Riveted

Hunt For The Decepticons Highbrow is mostly known for having an alt mode that resembles a WW2 era flying wing, but there’s something about the robot mode that seems to stick out more.

Maybe it only makes sense as an in-joke between me and my wife.

Maybe you’ll agree with me.

But either way, I think HFTD Highbrow is a female.

It could have something to do with how much I like Amelia Earhart, as a flying mech from that era being a chick seems fitting, but there are some visual cues for my reasoning on this.

A big one starting right off the bat is the face, with its high cheekbones and goggled ‘leather’ helmet.

Rosie The Riveted


And then there’s Exhibit B. The B stands for boobs.



And just look at those hips!


If nothing else, this just proves that I don’t see dicks everywhere, as many readers have long suspected.

~Matt Booker

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