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Regular readers here at MattBooker.info already know that I enjoy putting my stuff on display. Usually that means Action Poses, whether it’s a red warrior hammering his way through a pile of villains, or a drunken knight blasting at the devourer of worlds, or a broken twin bludgeoning a bonecrusher, I try to put things in positions that really show the dynamism and sense of adventure that I can feel when posing them.

Some are more displays in the traditional sense, even if they involve pitting a robot t-rex against a doofy metal dog.

Today, though, I’m showing you what is one of my favorite displays. The only moving parts it has are a tiller that moves the rudder, and a wheel that raises and lowers the anchor. (AND BOTH OF THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME.) The tiny people that populate its two small boats don’t move, but there are sections of the ship that lift to show compartments underneath. It’s a chogokin, but it’s not a robot.

It’s a ship.

But it’s not just a ship.

It’s my favorite ship.


"Come with me, follow the shining sun..."

Click the picture for the full version!


That’s the Going Merry Chogokin, and it is AWESOME. There’s lots of tiny details and they’re all well painted. Whole sections lift off to show the accurate rooms within, you can turn the wheel to make the anchor go up and down, and there’s a tiny ram-headed tiller that makes the rudder move.

Let me say that last part again.

There’s a tiny ram-headed tiller that makes the rudder move.


It was just as much a present for my wife as it was for me, and that glass shelf has it on display in our bedroom. She assembled all the pieces, mounted the shelf, and even set up the display.

While it may not be an Action Pose, the Going Merry has as much if not more dynamism and sense of adventure than any display that I’ve made. If you’re a fan of One Piece, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Am I sounding like a fanboy?

We all have our things we like, things we love, or even things that get us squeeling like a fangirl feeling manly and ready for adventure.

For me and my wife, One Piece is our favorite show.


No show has made me LOL as much, been as consistently badass, or as consistently fun, as One Piece.

And if you’re a fan, you should really look into ordering Bandai’s Going Merry Chogokin.

There’s even a chance you could get one of the first editions with the inflatable octopus balloon. Mine came with one, even though I ordered it close to a year after the release date.


If you’re not a One Piece fan… I’m sorry. :D

~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Displays – The Going Merry!

  1. That is indeed a neat display…I would imagine in a show like that, the ship is almost as much of a character as the crew. I’ve been curious about getting into One Piece myself—I stumbled upon Fairy Tail on Netflix, which seems to have a similar spirit and replaces pirates with wizards. With that in mind I too, must ask—for Luffy and Co., should I go for the sub or the dub?

  2. Thanks!

    And both the sub and the dub of One Piece are good. I much prefer the dub, as the english voices for Frankie and especially Zoro are much more badass, but the sub isn’t bad.

    However, the dub is up to about episode 300, while the sub is up to over 600. XD

    So I’d recommend watching the English Dub, then watching the sub if you feel like it. :)

    I hadn’t heard of Fairy Tail, but it sounds cool so far. I’ll look into it!

    ~Matt Booker

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