Poetry – Just Another Scarecrow

Here’s another poem that October reminds me of.

I had it filed away as unfinished, with a main section that had extra parts and fragments at the bottom to be filled in, capped off with an ending stanza of where I wanted the poem to go. Looking at it again today, I realized I liked the main part just as it was, and the ending stanza from the extra parts fit it even better there.

So while I wrote this poem years ago, it didn’t get finished until today.

It’s more on the somber side, but I think you’ll enjoy it.


Just Another Scarecrow

Self subdued against them all,
hold me up so you don’t fall.
Tie me tight with my own bounds.
I don’t care how hard it sounds,
lift me up I’ll take it all
solemnly until I fall.

All my quiet sufferings,
burnt out sacred offerings
to the god of Fall,
till he comes and claims you all,
and only I remain
for Winter’s lone refrain.

I’m just another Scarecrow
fading whispers in the wind.
To keep you from some sorrow
I will hang here till my end.

Will you at least stay with me
until the new sunrise?
‘Cause I am not so lonely
when I look into your eyes.

~Matt Booker


So, dear readers, did you like the poem? What was the author’s intent, including analysis of symbolism and subtext?

Be sure to comment in the form of an essay. Please use number 2 pencils.

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~Matt Booker

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