Action Pose – MP Prowl vs MMC Bovis

Masterpiece Prowl is awesome.

MMC Bovis is awesome.

This is what happened when I tried to make them kiss.

"You're not a table, but you'll do!"

Click the picture for the full version!


I should probably apologize to all my female readers, as viewing the full version of that picture is likely to result in spontaneous beard.

But I won’t.

Wear it proudly, ladies! Use your new beard to wrestle bulls!


So, dear readers, have you seen got a chance to handle either of these robots? PUMPKIN TACOS?!

Leave me a comment and let me know! And if you know a friend in need of beard enhancement, punch them in the social network using one of the redditwitter facebuttons below!

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Action Pose – MP Prowl vs MMC Bovis

  1. Luckily, I needed a beard for my Halloween costume, so now I’m all set.

    I’m intrigued by the flood of 3rd party Predacons lately, but I haven’t been willing (or able) to spend the money. Apparently, you think Bovis is pretty worth it, I gather. Are you mentally prepared to drop $500 bucks on the set?

  2. PK, shave it into something decorative.

    Heli, Bovis is by far the most value for the money on a third party figure that I’ve seen. MP Prowl is really cool and exactly what I wanted in a G1 Prowl… but next to Bovis (who’s early bird price wasn’t much more than Prowl’s full price) it feels flimsy. Just look at how it compares to the FP Stunticons.

    It’s big and chunky and satisfying, and even seeing comparison pictures and reviews, those qualities aren’t fully felt until you actually get it in hand. Even at full retail price, Bovis is a great buy.

    Out of all the Feralcons, Bovis was the one I cared about the least. As it is, this is easily one of the best TFs in my collection. Feral Rex is just a bonus for me, as each of the individual bots are really cool. They’re articulated and poseable, the sculpts have lots of details, and they’re badass.

    It also helped that I’ve refocused my collection. I used to buy a lot more random stuff, whereas now I prefer to focus on the stuff that I really want on my shelves. Selling off the other stuff has helped to fund these, so the price tag isn’t as bad.

    (I still have stuff for sale if people are interested.)

    And Tophat, next time wear pants when looking at the picture.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. I definitely agree that the FP Stunticons were a rip off. I had the first two, but eventually sold them off. Glad I did, now that we’ve learned that Motormaster was going to cost another $120.

    Good to know that the Feralcons hold up that well individually. The problem with me is that if I have one, I’ll feel compelled to get the rest, so it’s not a matter of “this is a great $100 toy”; instead it’s 1/5 of a $500+ commitment.

    I definitely support the idea of focusing a collection. I’m trying to trim mine at the moment, because I’d been going into all kinds of different lines rather than sticking with what I really want to collect long term.

  4. The way I see it, it’s not so much as “I’m buying the whole set because it’s a set.” so much as it is “I’m buying the whole set because they’re cool.”

    So while I am getting the whole set, it’s no different than buying stuff from any other line. I don’t focus on “I am commiting ___ amount of dollars to buying Generations Rhinox and Waspinator.” Instead, it’s just “I’m buying Generatiosn Rhinox and Waspinator.”

    Now, if I mainly wanted Feral Rex, then I could be thinking “I’m buying 1/5th of a $500 commitment.”

    That’s all just semantics, of course. XD

    The real thing behind it is, the way I used to collect I’d be spending that much money on tiny plastic giant robots, but it would be spread out more and on robots that weren’t as cool, whereas now I’m spending the same amount in a more concentrated form and on much cooler stuff.

    Are the MMC Feralcons a better value than a whole shelf of retail robots?

    For me, yes.

    ~Matt Booker

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