Photography – A Good Hallows Eve

Hello again, dear readers, and Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday in my favorite month in my favorite season of the year, and this year it started raining the day before Halloween. It was a rain that continued through the night, and it’s still here this morning.

There’s lighting and thunder, too, but just enough to set the mood.

Since I sleep during the day, I got to experience the best part of the storm as it transitioned into Halloween, and in the early hours before dawn I even had a window open for the wind to come drifting in.

My wife and I have two cats, one of which is small and beige and sleeps on my lap while I write. I’m usually doing that while sitting in a comfy recliner with a laptop on my legs, so she curls up in between (and often on top of) my wrists.

But on this night, lit by a block of redstone ore, she watched as Halloween arrived.

"I can has Halloween?"


Other than the redstone ore showing up as orange (which I decided to keep in the picture, because it’s fitting), that’s what I saw in the early hours of Halloween.

If you play Minecraft and you’d like a Light Up Redstone Ore of your own, I can recommend getting one from ThinkGeek. It’s sturdy and well-made, and it looks great in the dark. It has three levels of glow for the light, with the only drawback being an automatic shut off after a minute or so.


So, dear readers, what are you doing or did for the holiday? WHAT IS THE BEST HALLOWEEN CANDY?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Happy Halloween!

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Photography – A Good Hallows Eve

  1. The best Halloween candy is CIRCUS PEANUTS!

    No, not really. It’s probably Snickers. Or 3 Musketeers. Or Milk Duds.

    It’s whatever you get for free that’s not crappy cheap gummies.

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