Digibash – Classics Stranglehold

There’s already an official Classics Bludgeon available, and a Classics Octopunch done through Botcon.

But what about everyone’s favorite mustacheoed leather fetishist Decepticon?


Now in chocolate, mint, orange, and blue raspberry!

Click the pictures for the full versions!

The original pics are from Seibertron.com’s extensive and really cool toy galleries.


This digibash of Classics Stranglehold is like a reverse Pretender, with the metal on the outside and the fleshy bits on the inside. And because of the parts difference, the alt mode gets to have the colors of the inner robot, while the bot mode gets the colors of the Pretender shell. It even keeps the alt mode = inner robot \ bot mode = outer shell theme just like Classics Bludgeon.


Here’s the G1 toy.

There are some differences between the color placement on that and the digibash, but part of doing an homage to something is making it look good. On the G1 toy there were two orange humps behind the head, and the blue backpack was more towards the back. On Classics Stranglehold, I changed swapped them around, as it helps make the rhino head stand out better.

And where there G1 toy has a red belt at a diagonal, Classics Stranglehold has the belt across the mid section. He’s supposed to be an intergalactic wrestler, so both ways work with the ‘Championship Belt’ look.

The rhino mode is also wearing brown boots, just like the Pretender shell.

Classics Stranglehold is also wearing pants. We should all be glad for that.


I did this for the lulz, but I think it’s actually a good homage, and the details match up nicely.

And it actually does seem like something that would come in a botcon set. It even has built-in fan angst, because Bludgeon and Octopunch are voyagers and this is a deluxe.

If anyone knows people at FunPub, point them this way! I wouldn’t mind, as long as they send me a free copy. :)


So, dear readers, is this Classics Stranglehold a pile of multicolored rhino poo, or would you like a mustache ride? Are those X’s on the chest actually nipples?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this post with your closeted Pretender fan friends using the links below.

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Digibash – Classics Stranglehold

  1. It’s interesting. I doubt I’d pay Botcon prices for it, but there’s very little I’d pay Botcon prices for.

    I honestly had completely forgotten what the robot part of Stranglehold looked like. Man, he was dull for being so brightly colored. I’m hoping there were stickers that aren’t applied in the picture you linked.

    In order to head off angst, I wonder if the upcoming voyager Rhinox would work as an homage repaint, or would his fleshy rhino mode make it into an Animorph?

  2. I’d buy one at retail just for the lulz. And that mustache. :)

    And I don’t think there were any missing stickers in that picture. That’s why I changed up some of the details, because otherwise it would be just a big orange block with green legs.

    As for the voyager Rhinox, that is a possibility, but as garish as this digibash is… a bright orange and green fleshy rhino would probably be worse.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. As has been pointed out above, “garish” does not necessarily equal “would not buy”. And I’d absolutely buy your digibashed version at retail prices.

  4. Yup. And I completely agree about the Botcon stuff. It takes a lot to get me to spend that much on what are essentially repaints of retail molds.

    Especially when for similar prices you can get original molds from things like MPs and third party products.

    ~Matt Booker

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