Toyworld Orion – Tab Mods Transformation Fix

Toyworld Orion is badass.

Flawed, but badass.

It beats the tar out of Classics Optimus Prime, and since it’s an updated redesign it fits in with Classics better than the very G1 iGear Faith Leader.

And that transformation scheme… Hoo boy, is that some nice design. The way the legs flip the wheels around and have shin panels fold around is already cool, but the way the alt mode grill transforms into the bot mode grill should be standard on any big red and blue robots that turn into trucks. It’s that cool.

But as cool as the transformation is, that’s also the main complaint that people have. It’s not that it’s too complex (though it might seem that way at first, because of a lackluster instruction sheet), but that the transformation requires bending some parts out of shape in order to get tabs into place.

And there are a lot of tabs.

But fear not, dear readers, as this can be fixed! My Toyworld Orion transforms smoothly thanks to just a few easy mods. It takes just a few minutes to fix, and I can show you how!


Toyworld TW-02 Orion – Tab Mod Fix Guide go!

Step 1 – Trim Off Only Center Tabs

Toyworld really wanted Orion to fit together solidly in alt mode… so much so that they put in tabs that aren’t needed at all. These are tabs that would be handy to hold the parts in place, if they weren’t already being held in tightly by other parts of the mold.

The problems center around the grill, as that’s where these tabs need to fit behind. Alt mode is the easiest place to show this, so lets take a look at the first two tabs that need completely trimmed off.

Stealth Force Mode


The tabs colored in pink are the ones that need trimmed off.

And by trimmed off, I mean trimmed off completely. Use a pair of flush cutters and then shave it smooth with a sharp blade.

If you’re worried about those window pieces not staying in place after the tabs have been cut off, you probably haven’t handled Toyworld Orion. The joints on those pieces are tight, and they’re designed to be that way because there’s nothing else holding them in place for robot mode.

(And if they did get loose in robot mode, that’s what Future Floor is for!)


Step 2 – Trim Off Side Panel Tabs

These tabs aren’t needed because of the shape of the joint keeping these panels in place. How tight they are doesn’t matter, because the joint itself won’t let it fold out of place in alt mode. The edges are squared off and the panel is opened as far as it can go for alt mode, so a tab stopping it from folding further isn’t going to do anything.

"Pimple? No, that's just the matrix."


If you’re worried about the panels that these panels are attached to, there’s no need to cut off the tabs on those so they’ll be held in place even if their joints aren’t tight.

And if they’re not tight, a dab of Pledge Floor Polish With Future Shine will tighten them up.


In case some of you don’t know what flush cutters are, they’re like a pair of snips that have a flat edge on one side, which lets you cut mostly smoothly on that side. Whereas scissors are shaped like this ><, a pair of flush cutters is shaped like this _\ /_.



Afterward just shave it smooth with a sharp blade. That’s not as important with the parts in Step 2, but the parts in Step 1 are prominent in bot mode.



That’s it for this mod guide!

The fixes for Toyworld Orion should only take a few minutes at most, and it makes it easier to go from alt mode to bot mode. And with a transformation this cool, it’s something that should be enjoyable and not frustrating. :)


So, dear readers, did this mod guide help you? What’s your favorite big red and blue robot for Classics?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this mod guide with your favorite twitface reddidiggers using the links below!

~Matt Booker

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  1. I haven’t transformed him yet to see how effective your fix is but I trust that it should be fine. It sounds logical to me from the read :D

  2. Amazing. Thank you for this. Makes it so much easier, while still retaining a very Masterpiece-esque transformation. Nice find.

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