Action Pose – Toyworld Orion vs Classics Onslaught

Back in 2010, I did two posts showing how the angle of a picture matters. You can see the first post here and the second post here, both featuring Classics Optimus Prime vs Classics Onslaught.

When looking for a Classics Decepticon big enough to tangle with Toyworld Orion, Classics Onslaught practically jumped at the chance for a rematch.

Onslaught didn’t count on Orion jumping too…


"A punch to the face is the right of all sentient Decepticons."


They are posed just like that on the shelf, thanks to both some good weight distribution and Onslaught’s ratcheting knees. :)

It’s a really cool display in person, but just like the previous posts talked about, I tried to choose the best angle for the picture. It kicked ‘cool’ into ‘kick ass’.

While I’m not planning on showing other angles for this picture, it is going to get used in an upcoming post talking about photography and image editing.


So, dear readers, do you ever make dramatic action pose displays for your shelves? Do you mix lines?

Leave a comment and let me know! And if you’ve got any online friends that complain about Toyworld Orion being boring to pose, show them proof of otherwise with the social media links below!

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Action Pose – Toyworld Orion vs Classics Onslaught

  1. I have a FOC Optimus Prime decked out with Energon weapons from the Movie 1 scout line facing off against Car Crash (in a running pose, one foot on the ground) and T-bone (who is standing in the wreckage of a Lego Optimus Prime, which I worked hard on. Stupid Stunticon) So yeah, I mix lines and scoff at vanilla poses. Sprinkles make it much better.

  2. Thanks, Greyryder! And I’ve got no problems mixing movie stuff with Classics, too.

    But if you don’t have any displays as cool as that picture, make some! Throw a bunch of stuff in a heap and have one of your sweet customs standing on top of it. Possibly holding a flag. Or a chainsaw.

    Legolander, that’s a good way to look at it. :) I’ve been mixing toylines since I was a kid, so I’m okay with it.

    And hey, since you mentioned the Lego Optimus Prime, have you seen my friend Hobbes’s awesome Lego Transformers?

    His goal is to make Lego versions of the toylines he played with as a kid, in one cohesive collection.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. That Lego stuff is fantastic! Tell your friend he’s rocking it.

    Orion looks very cool, but I just can’t get past the idea that he’s Optimus Prime, and Hasbro is going to crank out a million Optimus Primes, so I have a hard time coughing up the dough. Well, harder than I would for something that Hasbro’s a lot less likely to make, like updated combiners or whatever.

    He does look really good, though.

  4. That pic is rad! But it makes me want to buy Orion. T_T Hasbro really needs to stop making deluxe Optimus Primes.

    Those Lego customs are amazing! Ive seen Orion Pax do lego customs, but wow, those minifig customs are so much better. I do like Orion Paxs Battle Cat, but that one is a different style. Your friend’s is more like something you can actually build. ^_^

    Those Lego Transformers too! Tell him those are cool! Hope he keeps making them.

  5. I’ll tell Hobbes to check the comments on here. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the compliments. :)

    And Heli, that’s completely understandable about Hasbro and Optimus Primes. It’s the flagship character of the whole franchise. For years you could count on Hasbro to put most of their effort into making a cool Optimus, even if the rest of the line was crap.

    New toyline, new Optimus. And not just one, but one’s at different price points. They might not make a deluxe Optimus, but they’d surely make one at least a voyager, if not a leader.

    Except for Classics.

    Classics, Generations, CHUGTHULU, whatever you want to call it, since 2006 they’ve only made one voyager of Classics Optimus.

    When Toyworld announced their Optimus, I was interested, but I was also wanting to wait until after Botcon… or SDCC or whenever it was that they showed off all the new molds.

    The reason?

    Hasbro had announced doing a bunch of IDW bots for their Generations line, and not only that, but they showed off artwork for IDW Optimus holding what looked like a targetmaster gun!


    Unlike when they did the WFC line, Generations actually had voyagers in it, so of course Hasbro would want to do Optimus as a voyager again.

    But they didn’t do a voyager. They didn’t even do a deluxe (although deluxe Orion Pax is really cool).

    That cool Optimus artwork they showed off? It was for the Legends version. The have one of the coolest Optimus Prime designs in years, and they only made a Legends version.

    Sooooooo…. Yeah. After that, I’m totally okay with buying a third party version of Optimus Prime for Classics. If Hasbro does come out with a new Voyager version, it’ll have to try hard to be better than this one anyway.

    And I’d probably still buy it. :) Orion isn’t exactly the IDW version anyway, but more of IDW Optimus by way of G1. Less Gundam, more boxy. Less lanky, more burly.

    ~Matt Booker

  6. You have a good point.

    The old voyager Optimus is still holding down the fort in my CHUG lineup, and it would be nice to replace him with someone who didn’t have half a truck cab hanging off each arm.

    Plus, I got Hegemon (because we’ll never get another gun Megatron ever), and he was pretty cool, so I’m fairly comfortable with the company.

    You’d think Hasbro would eventually make another “classic enough” Optimus, but then again, we’re about to get flooded with movie crap again, so who knows?

    First world problems!

  7. I didn’t get their Hegemon, but my Classics are on shelves based on faction, partly because of how I want them displayed and partly because they seem to be in different scales.

    I use a lot of WFC\FOC Decepticons in Classics, including Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave, and they’re all deluxe class.

    It’s not that I let scale in Classics bother me, but I like most of the Decepticons to be bigger than the Autobots. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  8. I definitely agree, and the teeny little Classics seeker mold makes me sad.

    I really wish Hasbro would do a voyager-or-so sized seeker and then get the endless repaints rolling again.

    I like igear’s new seeker, but at $100 each, it would be pretty tough to replace the guys I’ve got now, and I know it would bug the crap out of me to have some of the seeker body guys big and impressive while others were tiny and bricky.

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