Inappropriate LOL – The Complete Autobot’s Guide To Robot Sex

Inappropriate LOL is another new feature here on, though it’s more of a category for the stuff that doesn’t quite fit under a specific kind of post. If it’s random and I laughed while making it, you’ll find it here.

Where else could I post a picture of G1 Smokescreen trying to help his fellow Autobots transform?

50 Shades Of Optimus

I’d like to think he’s teaching a class on it.


So, dear readers, did you even know what robot is being referenced in those instructions? Is it worse or better when you realize the big robot’s head is stored between the legs?

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~Matt Booker

6 thoughts on “Inappropriate LOL – The Complete Autobot’s Guide To Robot Sex

  1. My first guess was motor master, but maybe it’s PM-Prime? But neither figure has a giant head inside their crotch. (the heads in either case are removable).

  2. Power Master Prime. I recognize the instructions. He’s the Optimus I had as a kid. The super mode robot head is kept in the compartment that’s formed in the lower legs, when they’re pegged together.

    Now, some of the Autobots from the Energon line, when they were in leg mode for the superlink gimmick, wound up with their heads in awkward places.

  3. With Optimus laying down, spreading his legs, and having his hands behind his back, that seemed the most appropriate caption. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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