Action Pose – Classics Hoist Takes Aim

Regular readers will remember that I’ve posted before about ROTF Hoist and how it was being used as a stand-in for Classics Hoist, to be replaced if HasTak ever made an official version.

With Generations IDW Hoist, an official version has now been made.

What does that mean for my ROTF Classics stand-in?


"That's not a gun. THIS is a gun."

Click the picture for the full version!


If you prefer the Generations version, that’s cool. I like the Trailbreaker version of the mold.

But for me, the choice for Hoist came down to a few different things.

Neither version looks particularly like G1 Hoist in robot mode, being more burly than pudgy. The Generations version does look like IDW Hoist, so that’s a potential plus. The ROTF version wins when it comes to alt mode, both looking more like G1 Hoist and actually being able to tow deluxe cars without getting laughed at. The ROTF version is also a heck of a lot more poseable.


ROTF Hoist is also a lot more badass than Hoist is typically portrayed…

But hey, Classics is all about updated designs, right? :D


Which version of Hoist do you prefer, dear reader?

And what kind of sandwich do you use for Classics Broadside?

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Action Pose – Classics Hoist Takes Aim

  1. I went for the Generations version, but I must admit that your picture makes a strong case for ROTF.

    I’m a total IDW convert, though, so that’s enough to keep the Generations version in the lead for me.

  2. I’m waiting for Skids. Because it’s inevitable someone’s going to make the 1984 bots. (And has anyone else said that Skids is in scale with Gen. Swerve?)

  3. I hadn’t thought about scale between those two. That might be a reason to get the Generations version of Swerve over the MakeToys one.

    The MakeToys version is really cool, but FT Dinobots are going to be demanding preferential treatment in the toy budget. And it’s best not to argue with fire-breathing mechanical ragebeasts.

    ~Matt Booker

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