Action Pose – Fansproject Weirdwolf Heads Up!

Just because sometimes a cute little robot needs a helping hand, that doesn’t mean they can’t be acrobatic!

A quick glance at youtube shows that in the Japanese Headmasters cartoon, they yell, “Head on!” to transform. They say the same thing when swapping transtectors, but it would be hilarious if it was, “Give head!”

And hey, here’s a tiny robot leaping up onto a bigger robot!


Do a triple lindy!


Both are actually posed like that on the shelf, although the shelf isn’t that shiny red. Fansproject Weirdwolf is just barely gripping his headmaster between thumb and paw, but it’s really on there.

This picture is of course similar to the one in the previous post, but they’re not necessarily part of a sequence. If I had made the background lighter, maybe, but I liked it looking darker for this one. It was more dramatic. :)


So, dear reader, which storage clip do you prefer for Weirdwolf’s sword? Do you think a roomba should announce, “VACUUM ON!” when it starts?

Leave me a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can use the links below to share this post with your friends who still haven’t joined the cult of the wolf.

~Matt Booker

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