Action Pose – ROTF Jolt vs MMC Bovis

It sure is crap that MMC Bovis has a lousy elbow, since that means I can’t put it into awesome action poses.


Made with lightning! REAL LIGHTNING!


I like to think this is some kind of giant robot argument over which energy drink is better.

This picture was done before I fixed Bovis’s elbow.

Both of those really are posed like that for the picture, with MMC Bovis supporting Jolt’s weight. You can even see the right faux ratchet joint is partially bent, just to show that it can hold the position.


ROTF Jolt is one of the best molds to come out of the live action movie toylines. Jolt may have an economy car for an alt mode, but the robot mode is extra badass to make up for it.

It’s very poseable once you mod the head and you can mod the legs so the swivel joint above the knees can actually swivel. The allspark blue looks great on Jolt, since he’s supposed to be electrified. And I really like the back kibble, especially with the panels arranged so they stick up behind the shoulders. It’s easy to imagine those parts as a kind of Jacob’s Ladder, with electric arcs climbing up between them.

And there’s also the badassary on display in Deadpool vs Jolt.


So, dear readers, do you prefer Red Bull or Jolt Cola? What Transformer best represents coffee?

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~Matt Booker

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  1. And everyone thought Divebomb was the reason Predaking has wings…


    Everyone takes a swig before combining, and BAM! Predaking’s got wings!


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