Custom Mod Basics – Pushing Smooth Pins

Taking apart a Transformer that has pin joints can be difficult. Usually the pins are notched, and you have to use a pin punch, hammer it out with a flattened nail, or push it through with a specialized tool.

It’s not just that the pins are in there tight, but that they’re notched on one end (or sometimes even in the middle). Those notches grip the plastic, which means you really need to use some force to push them out.

However, a lot of third party bots have smooth pins. That means you can easily push them out with steady, controlled force, and they push back in just as easily.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do that!

Today’s guide is also going to feature pictures taken while I was fixing MMC Fortis, as discussed in this post.

And since replacement parts for both Fortis and Bovis are going to be sent out with Talon and Tigris, you can use this method to easily swap in the new parts.

Custom mod basics, how to push smooth pins guide go!


Special Tools

You need a paperclip and a pair of pliers.


Okay, okay. So the paperclip thing varies. The main thing is that you need a metal wire that’s about the same thickness as the pin that you’re going to push, and it needs to be at least somewhat sturdy but also pliable enough to bend.

For a thicker pin you could also used some galvanized wire from Walmart or a hardware store, but for Bovis and Fortis a paperclip works just fine.


Step 1 – Wrap Paperclip Around Pliers

Grip the paperclip with the pliers so that there is a short part sticking out one side and a long part sticking out the other.

Then wrap it around tightly, mounding the wire behind where it’s sticking out to reinforce it.

The shorter the wire sticking out, the less likely it’s going to bend while trying to push the pin. Squeeze the pliers together as you push as well.


Step 2 – Push Pin Out

Grip the pliers tight and put your thumb behind the mounded wire, then push the smooth pin out with steady force.

You can either push it out all the way, or push it out just enough to pull it the rest of the way with the pliers.


Step 3 – Push Pin Back In

To push the pin back in you can just slightly insert it, keep the parts aligned, and use the flat side of something hard (like the pliers) to gently push it back in place.

I didn’t post a picture of this because it’s exactly what it says. It’s kind of like using a hammer to press in a nail instead of hitting it. :)


And that’s it. This is the quickest and easiest way to remove a smooth pin from a pin hinge.

This method doesn’t involve anything sharp like a nail or a tack, allows you to control the pressure throughout the entire process, and– most importantly –it allows you to actually see the tiny hole you’re pushing the metal into so it stays aligned.

If you found this guide helpful or if you have any questions, leave me a comment and let me know! And you can share this post with your friends using the buttons below!

~Matt Booker

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