Ages WHAT and up? – Holiday Time Wind Up Santa

Welcome back to Ages WHAT and up?, a feature here on where I stick my thumb in the toy industry’s Christmas pie. If that seems like poorly disguised innuendo, you’ll understand why I’m suspicious about plums.

I’m more of a Halloween fan, so I tend to take Christmas in a laid back and relaxed kind of way. My wife and I put up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, eat lots of good food, and maybe even watch a few holiday movies.

But some people let the hustle and bustle of the season bother them. They compete with neighbors over their outside decorations. They go shopping for last minute gifts. They angst about the best presents to give. They really get wound up.

But no one gets more wound up about this time of year than Santa.

"I'm on the naughty list this year. Ho ho ho!"

That… That’s a wind up Santa with a crank for a crank.

Now, some of you might be pointing at the location of the belt and saying that the wind up crank is sticking out of his bowl full of jelly.

But look at Santa’s proportions. It doesn’t look like that belt is around his waist.

And if that doesn’t convince you, look at his expression. It’s some mixture of joy and determination, arms up in a triumphant ho ho ho.

Is… is that Santa’s O face?

"I'm going to stuff your stocking. Ho ho ho!"


So, dear readers, is this something you’d want to wake up to on Christmas morning, or would you rather have some coal? Have you seen The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus?

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Merry Christmas!

~Matt Booker

2 thoughts on “Ages WHAT and up? – Holiday Time Wind Up Santa

  1. Just so happens that I watched ‘Life and Adventures’ last week. Always a classic.

    Was that another big lots treasure? I couldn’t tell, it looks like it could be Wal-Mart also.

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