Action Pose – Masterpiece Shockwave

I’m sure the title of this post has some Transformers fans quivering with rage.

After all, there is no Masterpiece Shockwave.




FansToys Quake Wave is excellent quality. It’s easily one of the best pieces in my collection, matching the standards of an official MP in both plastic quality and design. The articulation, the transformation, even the light up gimmicks, all of this makes for the best representation of the one-eyed purple logic monster.

With what FansProject charges for a Scout class robot, it seems easy to think that a Masterpiece class robot would be astronomically priced, but FT QT cost about as much as importing Takara’s MP Soundwave.


And in case you haven’t seen it yet, go watch Shockwave’s Burden by Dr. Smoov.


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite version of Shockwave? Is the purple people eater purple or does it only eat purple people?

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~Matt Booker

2 thoughts on “Action Pose – Masterpiece Shockwave

  1. …You’re not going to let that FansProject Causality cars price thing down, are you?

    The light up gimmicks do nothing for me, (not that I’ve seen the kinds of batteries this guy takes around) but Quakewave is one of my favorite figures I’ve purchased. He’s got a very…logical efficiency to his transformation that I like, outside of the leg slides, and actually feels like a better purchase than Soundwave.

    I also really like the options given for Quakewave: opaque hand and cannon, (which I got with mine) and a left forearm that sacrifices the light up gimmick in the arm for being able to have the hose go under the arm. (which I don’t have)

    But most importantly…he can do the “are all dead” cover pose. Most logical.

  2. This post was actually done a bit after I did the post on the FP Stunticons pricing. :) I do a bunch of posts and then schedule them out over a few months.

    But those are one of the best examples for why FT Shockwave could have cost more. It’s a given that third party TFs cost more than retail TFs, and popular ones can cost even more than the usual, but with FT Shockwave it cost about as much as importing an official version from Takara would.

    As for the light up gimmicks, that’s understandable. Most of the time, I prefer painted eyes, especially on Masterpiece TFs, but here I like it. It helps that it’s turned on by a switch and not just when a button is pressed.

    And yeah, the slides in the legs are the one thing that I don’t like about FT Shockwave. It’s sturdy enough that it feels like it’s not going to break, but it requires way too much force to slide the legs out from alt mode.

    And while logical Shockwave is cool, IMPC Shockwave acts just like the one from Dr. Smoov. “Bitches!”

    ~Matt Booker

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