Better Transformation – MMC Fortis Rhino Mode

Mastermind Creations Bovis and Fortis are remolds of each other, and though there are plenty of differences in the details, the basic body shape of their beast mode bodies was the same. To further differentiate them, the official transformation for Fortis has the body flipped around so what was the back is now the belly. While this does make the rhino much different from the bull, it causes some problems.

Ugly problems.

But fear not, dear readers. There’s an alternate transformation that’s even easier than the official one, and it lets Bovis keep dibs on being the big-ass bull so Fortis can look like the stout brick of horned doom that he should be. No modding required!


Alright. Let’s get this out of the way first.

I mentioned the official transformation has some problems, and this picture should help illustrate them for those of you who don’t have MMC Fortis in hand.


Click the picture for the full version!

I like what they’re doing with the rear, hiding the voluptuous hindquarters of Bovis and while exchanging that bulk for a rigid stock of square angles and extra armor plating in the form of his black boot shit-kicker kibble.

But the front? That high hunch makes French bell ringers jealous. The uneven placement of the hips works great for Bovis, but when flipped for Fortis it makes the rhino head angle down in most positions. And that’s if you even notice the rhino head, being hidden by the awkwardly protruding shoulders. Even with the neck extended, the head looks tiny and burrowed in because of those, like it’s shrunk away and non-confrontational, which is exactly the opposite of what you want in what in what is essentially a four-legged horn delivery system.

And though it’s not shown in that picture, attaching the bladed weapons on the shoulders looks even worse, with them sticking out far beyond the horn.

I’ve heard from some people that they’d rather just use the Bovis transformation for both. If those are your only two options, then that’s probably what you should opt for.

But if you’ve been paying attention to this post, you know those are not the only options. :)

MMC Fortis Rhino Mode Better Transformation Fan Mode Guide GO!


Step 1 – Fold Hip Flaps

The first step is to fold the hip flaps differently. Slide them forward, and then rotate them up instead of down.


Once the hip flaps are folded up, make sure they’re sitting against the body at a bit of an angle just like in the picture.

This is done to fill in a gap between the front and rear sections of the beast mode torso. As an added bonus, the hip kibble from bot mode becomes what looks like intakes or vents!


Step 2 – Do Not Rotate Robot Waist

There’s no picture for this part. Normally you’d rotate the waist to turn the lower half of the robot around for transformation.

Don’t do that for this.


Step 3 – Transform As Normal

Yup. Aside from the hip flaps being flipped up instead of hidden and not rotating the waist, transform Fortis as normal.


Here’s the result.

Ground Assaulter

A view other bots fear.

Built like a brick shithouse.

Click the pictures for the full versions!

The hip kibble fills in what would otherwise be an ugly gap, and that picture from the front really shows off how they look like vents.

The rhino head is now front and center, unhidden and unhindered, and the shoulder mounted blades are now secondary weapons instead of being the awkwardly offset focal points. The head sits higher up, and the hip positions keep it from wanting to constantly angle down. The hunch between the shoulders is more natural and less pronounced, and there is a better looking flow to the parts between the front and back of the body. It looks less like a bunch of robot parts with a rhino head and more like a robot rhino.

The tradeoff for all that is that the backpack cannon \ combiner foot can’t be mounted in beast mode, as both the connector points for it are on the underside of the rhino.

As easy as this transformation is, MMC probably even considered something similar for the official mode, but having a spot for the cannon to attach is a lot more important for an official product where extra features equal value.

Attaching the cannon in beast mode isn’t something I’d do that often anyway, and if I did I would use the Bovis transformation for it. For me, it’s a small negative in a pile of awesome, as I’d much rather have a better looking beast mode. :)


Limb Mode:
You can still use this configuration for limb mode, and it does allow for more backward movement in the ankle pivot, but I’ll be using the standard transformation for that instead.

Epic Boot

It looks alright, but I prefer to have the hip vents face forward and the standard transformation for limb mode makes the legs look more symmetrical. As this is a different mode entirely, I’m not counting this as a pro or a con. Just a mention that it’s possible to use it.


So that’s my alternate fan mode transformation for MMC Fortis’s rhino mode. I think it’s quite a lot better than the official alternate transformation, but here’s a fair side by side comparison to help those of you who might still be on the fence about it.

Easily Embarassed Rhino


Proudly Horny Rhino

Click the pictures for the full versions!


So which transformation of MMC Fortis do you prefer, dear reader? What kind of pants are you wearing today?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this post with your social media friends using the boxes below!

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “Better Transformation – MMC Fortis Rhino Mode

  1. Pretty much the moment I clicked on this, I knew you were going to say not to turn the waist around from robot mode. But the hip kibble being flipped forward/up caught me by surprise, and it does look much better than just flipping the body upside-down and turning all the limbs about like the official transformation says to do. I may give that a try!

    Though I usually just transform him exactly the same as Bovis. Between the heads, the feet, (which is nice that MMC decided to make them different between the two after all) and the weapons, they feel different enough for me.

    And I certainly don’t want to get skewered on the horns of either of them.

  2. I thought about just transforming Fortis the same way as Bovis, but it just didn’t look right too me. Maybe it’s because I had Bovis in bull mode on my desk for a while before I got Fortis.

    Glad you like the vents! I figured as easy as this was, someone had tried the not flipping it around part, but the vents seemed like something people might not have picked up on.

    You could also use the vents on the Bovis configuration, but I prefer it as just one more detail that’s different between them.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. I’m with Detective Barricade; I was just transforming him like Bovis.

    I like this alternative, though. Sets him apart a little. And I was just thinking this morning that the robot hip flaps were really kind of a waste, since they just get tucked away in altmode and don’t necessarily add that much. Nice to see them used effectively to spice up the rhino form.

    I may just adopt this version, too.

  4. It’s at least easy to try out. If you don’t end up liking it for Fortis, you can always go back to transforming it the other way. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I tried it recently, and while it does work nicely enough…I think I’ll just stick with the Bovis transformation. It’s not like any gorillas are gonna be trying to ride him, especially ones with neck ties that have a thing for bananas and hurling barrels.

  6. Lol If it tried, Fortis would go charging straight at it. That and strap his big cannons onto his back for extra insurance.

  7. You’re spot on With this, it does look better. I usually just transform him the same way as Bovis but will be giving this a whirl. Anyway these are great figures and I can’t wait for Leo Dux.

  8. Great piece of advice. He does looks more rhino-ish now proportionately compare to the.official one which looks more aggressive like a cat predator

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