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I was on the fence about whether to buy TFC’s Hercules or MT’s Green Giant, as both have some cool things about them. One of the main reasons why I went with Green Giant is just how cool the individual Constructicons look. Sure, they’ll spend most of their time on the shelf in combined mode as Devastator, but buying a combiner for only one mode seems like a waste of fun.

I’ve already shown off how cool MT Bonecrusher is. Twice.

And while he’s still my favorite of the set, Scavenger is cool too!


Power Shovel!

Click the picture for the full version!


In alt mode, Longhaul gets to carry the shield as it’s practically part of his transformation, but in robot mode Longhaul’s hands aren’t exactly built to hold it. On top of that, he’s obviously a brawler, with his hulk-like proportions wanting to wade knee deep in nothing but his fists and fallen enemies.

But Scavenger? He’s got a melee weapon built into one arm, so the shield looks great with him. It even fits around on the side of his fist like an actual shield.


So, dear readers, do you like the option for bigger pictures? What about Swiss cheese?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can use this post to start a debate about third party Constructicons using the boxes below!

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Pose – MakeToys Scavenger

  1. I still don’t feel this shade of green used. I like Hercules’ more vibrant lime green even if it isn’t that show accurate to the Type-61 Giant’s green. Would still like to pick up the yellow guys one day though.

    But now you gotta post Excavator being cool again. :p And then the other four need their turn in the spotlight. :p :p

    And whenever I read the name Green Giant…I seem to get hungry for vegetables.

  2. Ho ho ho! :)

    I haven’t seen Hercules’s green in person, but most of the time when I see it in pictures it looks way too desaturated, and not vibrant at all. But I can totally see your point about color preference, because color is a big reason why I didn’t like TFC’s version and went with MT’s version.

    MT really nailed the G1 Constructicon color, and I like that a lot.

    I do think the yellow version is cool too, though. Well, outside of it not having the improvements that the green version has, like the crane being removable on hook.

    And there will be pictures of the others, too. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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