Action Pose – Kreon Skywarp vs Smokescreen

Kreons are cute little representations of Transformers.

But having no knees or elbows, they aren’t that poseable.

So that should mean Action Poses aren’t that easy to do, let alone to make them look good.

And yet…


"Lego my blaster!"

My wife is the one who put that pose together, and I liked it so much that’s how they’ve been on display since. It was just a quick little thing, and cute, but there’s an impressive amount of dynamism in such a minimalistic scene.


So, dear readers, do you collect Kreons? What did you think of the larger bots in the block sets?

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~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – Kreon Skywarp vs Smokescreen

  1. I was all in for the first wave or two, but I lost interest when the Prime stuff started coming out. Still, I think the little guys are great.

    The big bots are decent, but not fantastic. I tend to just build the vehicles and have the little guys drive them around like Action Masters.

  2. I have Kre-O Microchangers Powerglide. I never picked up any of the larger Kre-O sets. But Powerglide is fun to mess with, assembling his jet mode and robot mode. The jet mode is basically laying him face-down and rearranging where the wings go, and yet it’s so silly it actually works for the little guy! (it helps a little to turn his head around to face backward and then plunk his helmet over to hide the face)

  3. I didn’t really care about the bigger sets, but the little Kreons are cute. I would usually just get them, though I agree with Heli in that I didn’t care about the Prime stuff.

    I still need to buy a Kreon Ironhide. I would have bought the one that came in the individual pack with all the armor and weapons, but they had to do some stupid gimmick with clear parts and\or chrome instead of just doing an Ironhide (and Hound) that would fit in with the rest of the Kreons.

    ~Matt Booker

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