Action Pose – Let ME take that load, Optimus!

Today’s post is one of my favorite Action Poses that I’ve done.

If you’re a fan of G1, you probably remember that scene where Huffer offers to haul a wounded Optimus Prime’s trailer… only to have it be undone by an animation error a second later that shows Optimus pulling it. But still! It’s one of the cranky orange and purple robot’s memorable scenes, right up there with laughing at Wheeljack for building Dinbots instead of dinosaurs, or  manhandling a wooly mammoth.

In the pictorial review for X-Transbots Krank, I already posted a picture showing how the trailer can be attached for nostalgic alt mode action…

But today’s post is a different take on that.

And by different, I mean BADASS.


"I'm not the biggest Autobot, but I'm one of the strongest!"
Click the picture for the full version!

Really. Go click it. Even if you don’t usually, you should check out the full picture. :)


Those of you that own MP10 know how hefty that trailer is. For those of you that don’t, it’s hefty!

Well, hefty so far as tiny plastic giant robots go.

And X-Transbots Krank really is holding it up like that. The trailer isn’t touching anything else and Krank isn’t propped up against anything either. The plucky little bot also held the display until I took it down.


So, dear readers, do you have your bots standing at attention on your shelf, or do you put them in dramatic poses? What’s your favorite flavor of Jello?

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~Matt Booker

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