Action Pose – ROTF Jolt

ROTF Jolt is really cool. I’ve posted about it before, having him square off against MMC Bovis and even Deadpool.

Today, it’s just Jolt.

But that’s not a bad thing.

All the sugar and twice the caffeine.

Click the picture for the full version!


Even standing there, Jolt looks cool. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so Jolt’s shiny and sparkly plastic already made me want to like him. Combine that with his owlish face, the way his back kibble can be arranged, chunky proportions, and allspark blue whip\spear\blade things, and that tiny plastic giant robot is likely to be a favorite of mine. Sure, the legs need some plastic trimmed for extra articulation, and some plastic needs cut off to give Jolt more head articulation, but those are both easy mods to do.

And yeah, his alt mode is an economy car, but his alt mode had to be boring to balance out how badass the bot mode is. :)

For those of you that don’t like the whips, check out hthrun’s custom Jolt in the Radicons section at It even lights up!

Personally, I’m used to the whips as they are. They look more like blades, but that’s fine by me. And yes, I actually do like Allspark blue.


So, dear readers, are there any underappreciated movie TFs that you like? Do you prefer Jolt or BAWLS?

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~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Action Pose – ROTF Jolt

  1. I thought of one: RotF voyager Stratosphere. When he first came out he was ok, but was too out of scale with the other toys. But now he fits in great with my Cyberverse toys. His hands can hold Cyberverse Decepticons and Mech Tech weapons!

  2. i love the figure, easly my favorite deluxe transformer ever, yeah the car isnt the best but i can live with that, and actually= it has the same silouete than movie sideways(though it isnt as close to the ground), though i dont have a comparison to show you that
    but there is something that can be done with his feet to make him look much better and taller(i mean it)
    and you can mod the piece behind his head without having to cut it completely(just sand it untill you can turn his head, thats it)

  3. Hi Felipe! I know you can mod the piece that way, but I actually liked it better with it chopped off. :D And that’s a really cool way of transforming the feet!

    ~Matt Booker

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