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Transformers Animated is easily my favorite TF series. It was the first TF show that I actually paid attention to since Beast Wars. Episodes were smart and fun, full of fanwank and references but bringing something new and refreshing to usual rehash of the G1 archtype. The character designs were bright and stylized, the toys were mostly screen accurate, and because the show was so character driven, that made me want tiny plastic versions of these giant robots even more.

So yeah, TF Animated is easily my favorite.

And MECH iDEAS wants to make more TFA toys.

If you’re a Transformers Animated fan, then you’ve probably read both of the Animated Allspark Almanacs.

If you haven’t, go pick up copies and give them a read. They’re jam packed full of all the tiny details and references that made the show so cool. It even talks about what was planned for the fourth season!

And in there you’ll see character bios for Huffer and Pipes, who are homages to Mario and Luigi.

If you’ve seen my reviews of X-Transbots Krank and Stax, you know I’m a fan of these two minibots.

Mix in TF Animated and Nintendo, and there’s a big HECK YEAH GIMMIE! going on.

And that’s exactly what MECH iDEAS did. After a cool campaign to reveal details bit by bit, they revealed what two characters they were doing and showed off the renders. I was excited, fans were excited, and then there was no news about them for months. A lot of people thought the project had been cancelled, or that maybe MECH iDEAS itself was cancelled.

Then recently they showed off actual prototypes! And preorders went up on BBTS!

And then those preorders were cancelled.

The set was apparently an exclusive even though it wasn’t promoted as that, and BBTS didn’t get enough first day preorders to justify it.

There were a few other things involved, and if you’re interested at all, go read this post on TFW from CenoKibble.

It explains a lot about what happened, including just why they chose these two as their first release, even when a lot of fans questioned it.


And I was one of those fans. I may want Mario and Luigi bots jumping around my shelves, but TF Animated is a character driven show where some very popular on-screen characters either didn’t get toys (Scrapper and Mixmaster) or the toys they did get were completely out of scale (Lugnut… and Sentinel Prime’s legs). Do those first, and then do cool and obscure stuff like Buster and Trench once they’ve got people hooked.

It’s the difference between, “MUST BUY!” and, “Hey, that’s cool.”

And that still makes sense to me, but now I know why CenoKibble went with the two obscure characters. After all,  MECH iDEAS made Apex and Geminus, two robots based on obscure G1 characters, and those were not just popular, but turned out awesome.

Regular readers here at have already seen just how much like MECH iDEAS Geminus. Newer readers can check out MakeToys Green Giant vs MECH iDEAS Geminus, MakeToys Bulldozer vs MECH iDEAS Geminus, and MECH iDEAS Geminus vs MakeToys Bulldozer.


CenoKibble wants to see the rest of the TF Animated bots made, and this is MECH iDEAS jumping on point for that. The BBTS exclusive may be done, but MECH iDEAS isn’t. They’re working on finding some way to get these released, and they’re asking for your help.







Then go to MECH iDEAS Facebook page, go to your favorite retailer of tiny plastic giant robots, and go to your friends… and tell them you support Buster and Trench!

Picture by Grinwise\Digilaut


And if you’re not a Transformers Animated fan, that’s cool. But maybe, just maybe, you’ve got a friend who is, and maybe they should hear about this.

~Matt Booker

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