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A lot of my Classics Decepticons are from the War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron parts of the Transformers Generations line. Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Shockwave are all on my main Decepticons shelf.

In my personal canon for Classics, Decepticons aren’t as concerned about disguise as the Autobots. :)

At the center of my display, I’ve got a Halo Mega Bloks Anti-Aircraft gun.




Because AWESOME, that’s why!

Click the picture for the full version.


It’s a giant purple cannon. What’s not Decepticon about that? It reminds me of some superweapon Megatron would have built for his evil scheme of the week back in G1. Sort of like a Classics version of the one from Fire On The Mountain.

It looks great with Classics TFs, and Mega Bloks Halo minifigs do too, so there’s some added options if you want a space monkey with a jetpack to help Shockwave operate the cannon. Since it’s a made up cannon anyway, you could even use it for Legends\Legion TFs to help the Decepticons battle Metroplex or put it in a Masterpiece display next to FansToys Shockwave.


The original price of that set it pretty steep, though that’s par for the course when it comes to licensed building block sets,  and it came out in 2011 so if you want one you might have to go looking on ebay. I got it on clearance for about half off, and it was worth it for such a nice display piece.

The set itself is somewhat close to Lego when it comes to plastic quality, but that’s about it.

Building a Lego set is actually fun, the instructions make sense, and the parts are sectioned off into baggies that you don’t open until you’re ready to build that section.

This Mega Bloks set had the parts sectioned off into baggies, but there wasn’t much reasoning behind that because it wasn’t based on sections. You had to open them up to start building the whole thing, some parts of the instructions were unclear, and there were SO MANY TINY PURPLE PIECES that were just barely a shade or two off from the other purple pieces that were the same or a slightly different shape.

Part of that is that this thing is a giant purple cannon, but I’ve built Lego sets that were full of similar colors before, and those were still fun and easy to do because the designers actually considered stuff like that. A section might have a lot of little brown parts, but they are all distinctly different. The Mega Bloks set had so many that looked alike, it took longer than it should have to build it and it was a frustrating process. At the start of it, I was also going to build the UNSC Rocket Hog that came along with it, but by the time I was done that was not appealing at all. It’s probably still in the baggies, packed away in a tote.

Despite all those complaints, it does look cool once it’s put together. It also holds together decently, and the cannon has a good range of movement. It can rotate completely around and hinge up and down. There are also some cool details like a power core at the center with clear crystal blocks inside. I just use it for display, but if you’re the type to sprawl out on a carpet and pew pew with your tiny plastic giant robots, results may vary.

But at the center of my Classics Decepticon display, it’s awesome.  If you’re interested, I recommend picking one up.

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Displays – WFC \ FOC Halo Mega Bloks Cannon

  1. You know, Mega Blocks Call of Duty figures are quite cool. They’re really nicely articulated and look really good with CHUG Transformers (at least in my opinion). Not as spacey as Halo, which could be a good or bad thing, I guess, but I think it’s cool to have some modern military guys to hang with (or be squished by) my TFs.

  2. Those are cool, and they fit in great with Classics.

    I actually have a Halo Mega Bloks minifig on one of my Classics Autobot shelves as an armored up Spike. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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