Action Pose – Mega Bloks Wolverine

Lego really does have some quality building block sets. As I mentioned in my post about using the Halo Mega Bloks Anti Aircraft Gun in my Classics Decepticon display, Lego sets are fun build with easy to understand instructions and baggies to group the parts of each section. Lego sets also have a lot of small details that surprise you as you go along, showing just how much someone cared about designing the set.

Lego minifigs are also cool. They’re iconic in design, but adaptable to different styles.

But Lego Wolverine sucks compared to Mega Bloks Wolverine.



Just look at those claws, that surly frown, and that poseability!

Honestly, outside of the Halo sets, the human Mega Bloks minifigs can look a bit too oddly proportioned, especially the ones with the oblong heads. Maybe Wolverine’s mask helps… mask it, but his proportions come off less creepy and more cute.

I mean badass.

Cute and badass.


So, dear readers, do you like Lego? What’s your favorite line of sets?

~Matt Booker

2 thoughts on “Action Pose – Mega Bloks Wolverine

  1. The fact that The Lego Movie convinced me to buy a set tying into it when Kre-O couldn’t with Transformers sets should say something. I’ve gained some respect for Mega Brands, Inc. being a Canadian company, but I haven’t been interested in their sets or mini figures.

  2. Kreons can be cool, but the bigger robots seemed more like knock offs compared to things that Mega Bloks and Lego does.

    ~Matt Booker

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