Action Pose – Dinobot, huh?

Regular readers here on know that while I tend to have tiny plastic giant robots arranged so that each of the major lines get their own shelves, I don’t have a problem with them mixing every now and then. Like TF Prime Cliffjumper exploring the movie shelf. Or Animated Rodimus killing what he thought was a monster.

Today’s post not only has that, but also one of my favorite lines from the G1 Transformers cartoon.


"I know which shelf it is. I just like razzing you guys."
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Sure, he tossed around wooly mammoths and even hauled Optimus Prime’s trailer, but one of the main reasons I wanted X-Transbots Krank in my MP display was so that when MP Wheeljack arrives, he can razz him about building Dinobots instead of dinosaurs.


So, dear reader, do you have a favorite line from a Transformers cartoon? Does manhandling mammoths make Huffer a wooly bully?

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~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Pose – Dinobot, huh?

  1. LOL these photos are great! These Huf-pipes figures are really cool. But I want to see more Pipes!

  2. Thanks, PK! And Huffer just had a lot more screen time in the show, so more stuff to reference. But I’ll see what I can do. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  3. The one I always quote is “This does not satisfy my logic circuits,” from “The Ultimate Doom.” But lately my favorite is Starscream’s and Megatron’s banter regarding Nightbird:
    S: “She’s not so hot!”
    M: “She’s hot enough to replace you whenever I choose!”

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