Action Pose – X-Transbots Krank Haters Gonna Hate

If you collect Masterpiece Transformers and pay any attention to third party companies, you’ve probably seen pictures of X-Transbots Krank and Cubex Huffer. They’re two different bots with the same homage intended, and both have some cool things going on about them.

But because they’re so different, and because that’s how a fandom do, sometimes people debate on which one is better.

And sometimes those debates get a bit angry.

Here’s my response to that.


Know your meme.
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Alright, so I’m just trying to poke at these kind of debates. When spending a few times retail on items, you should be picky. I try to be objective about it, as choices are a good thing. Cubex Huff really does have some cool stuff going on, and if somebody wanted to pick that as their MP Huffer, that’s cool. I prefer X-Transbots Krank for the look of the bot mode and the more realistic alt mode, and that’s cool too.

I’d caution people to read up on reviews of both before making the decision, and then to buy through a retailer with good customer service. That’s something to do when buying any kind of product like this.

I’d like to say both are on equal footing and you can just buy whichever one you think looks better, and initially that’s what I was telling people… but every other post I see about Cubex Huff mentions crappy QC like loose joints or breakage, sprue marks, sloppy paint, and it looks like almost all of them have paint flaking off. Just glancing at the feedback thread on TFW, look at this post showing paint issues right out of the box,  and Cheebs at TFW had not only paint flaking, but one of the wheels won’t stay pinned on.

Cool design or not, I can’t recommend someone buy that.

Compare that to a few QC issues here and there for Krank and Stax, or how Krank can actually hold MP Optimus Prime’s trailer up over his head, and that’s just more reasons why I’m glad I’ve got X-Transbots bots on my shelf.

And with Takara’s MP Bumblebee being a full size Volkswagen Beetle, it looks like their stance is on realistic alt modes for MPs, so the alt modes of X-Transbots Krank and Stax are looking even better. :)


So, dear reader, are you buying a third party orange and purple cranky bot, or would you rather an official version? When Krank dances, does he get krunk?

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~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Action Pose – X-Transbots Krank Haters Gonna Hate

  1. I hadn’t really formed an opinion on the debate, since I’ve got Rager already and I wasn’t heavily inclined to buy another Huffer stand-in. But, yeah, it’s clear the Cubex version has a ton of QC problems. It’s a shame to see that; I think it’s a good design.

    Honestly, looking at the pictures online, I think the Cubex version would fit reasonably well with CHUG, so I would have been more tempted by him. I think Krank has the Masterpiece role sewn up, though.

    Even having read all the negative press, if I could get a Huff on the cheap, I might go for him. I wouldn’t mind repainting the chest and thighs.

  2. I’m of the opposite view: I think Krank works as a Classics figure, but Huff works better as an MP. I’m not buying either, though.

  3. I’m going more by height than anything. I think both look fine, but I saw a comparison pic that showed Huff was a bit shorter. I think Krank would be too tall for CHUG.

    But, much like you, I don’t have any plans to buy either, so it’s moot.

  4. I like the look of Krank better, but Huff is the more cartoon accurate of the two. Since MP’s are a mix of cartoon and toy accuracy with some other stuff thrown in, I think either can work based on which one a person prefers.

    If a person is undecided, I’d point them towards Krank. Realistic alt mode, better quality control, shiny chrome, and I like the look of it. :)

    As for Krank fitting in with Classics, the height doesn’t bother me because the alt mode is a big truck. I don’t mind him being taller than cars like Jazz and Wheeljack. And it’s not like official Classics pay attention to scale anyway.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I’m not a stickler for scale; I don’t think any Transformers fan really can be. But I have general notions of scale that I want to apply. I want minibots to be a little shorter than average. It doesn’t have to be much, but just a little.

    It’s kind of like the Wheelie thing we talked about a little while ago. I’ve got the Jazz-based Wheelie, but despite the fact that it’s objectively a good toy, it just seems wrong for him to be the same size as a regular car. Huffer being the same size (or bigger) would bug me, even though it’s clearly a good toy.

  6. That’s pretty much how scale should be treated, if you’re not going to flat out ignore it. If you worry about that kind of thing too much, you probably shouldn’t be collecting Transformers.

    For me, if it has media associated with it then I’ll prefer to stick with as close to bot mode scale as possible. Sometimes you still just have to ignore it, like when HasTak makes something that should be a voyager into a deluxe, but that’s where the not worrying about scale too much comes in.

    Something like Classics where it only sort of has media associated with it I care about scale a lot less. I want Bumblebee to be small because G1 Bumblebee was small, but there’s a lot more wiggle room.

    Personally, I’d want Classics Huffer to be one of the shorter bots, like a bigger scout size class, but at the same time it doesn’t bother me to see Krank in a Classics collection because of his alt mode. So the answer is kind of both. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  7. I’ve no interest in Huffer…aside from maybe one that kinda looks like Mario. And a Pipes that kinda resembles Luigi.

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