Action Pose – Maketoys Scrapper

I’ve said this before, but one of the reasons I went with MakeToys Green Giant for my Classics Devastator is that I like the way the individual bots look.

Bonecrusher is poseable enough to give and take a beating. Scavenger is just as poseable, has a built in melee weapon, and looks great with a shield.

And Scrapper? Scrapper looks good even when he’s just standing there.


That's how a Scrapper do.

Click the picture for the full version!

I also usually give Scrapper two blasters to hold. Those were busy being part Devastator’s giant cannon when I took the picture, though.

Yes, MakeToys Green Giant can stand one one leg.


So, dear readers, do you like your Constructicons green, yellow, or orange? Is that also how you like your cheese?

~Matt Booker


One thought on “Action Pose – Maketoys Scrapper

  1. I recently got a (ho ho ho) Green Giant, myself, and I was blown away. An extremely solid and well-engineered toy.

    Scrapper’s always been my favorite Constructicon, so I’m both excited and a little annoyed by the Maketoys version. Excited because, just look at him! That’s a gorgeous toy. A little bummed because the shovel (at least on mine) never seems to get out of the way enough. It kinda gets in the way of both the arms and the head. Maybe I’m missing something in the transformation, though; it seems like yours has a bit more head room than mine. I don’t think there’s much to be done for the shoulders, though, since they’ve got those fender bits hanging off the back.

    Which is not to say I can’t get some decent poses out of him; he just can’t do everything I thought he’d be able to.

    Still, there was never any doubt in my mind that I’d go for Giant over Hercules. While both have points in their favor, the overall look of Giant is exactly what I wanted, and I’m very happy with him.

    PS You can rotate the scoop bits around onto Bonecrusher’s chest to make a pseudo chest shield ala G1, plus it keeps them from just hanging off his hips uselessly. I find that they look pretty good split down the middle and just tucked in as tightly as possible. And, if you take off the beam saber hilts, there’s nothing at all in the way of his legs. Give it a go! :)

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