Action Pose – IDW Skids

Even if I wasn’t a fan of IDW’s More Than Meets The Eye comic, I would want this version of Skids for my Classics display.

Deliciously blue color? Check.

Transforming handheld weapon? Check.

Transforming integrated weapons? Check, check, and check.

Macross style missile pods? CHECK.

Hot dang that sounds great. How’s it look?


Back off man, I'm a theortician.
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Oh yes, that’s something I like the look of. The colors are gorgeous, the gimmicks are well integrated, the alt mode looks cool, and the poseability is decent.

Well, decent except for the shoulders. They’re Animated Ultra Magnus style shoulders, in that the actual joint is further back than it should be even though it looks like it isn’t. Because of that, the upper arms raise up above the chest when the arms are moved forward. They look great when they’re down, but move them more than a bit forward and they look out of joint.

And yet, I still really like Skids. Just like with Animated Ultra Magnus, sometimes just standing there is enough. And Skids is just poseable enough to do a bit more than that, which is something Animated Ultra Magnus couldn’t do.


So, dear readers, should Hasbro do a whole line based around the IDW designs? Are Hot Shot’s shoulders worse than Skids’s?

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~Matt Booker


8 thoughts on “Action Pose – IDW Skids

  1. Hasbro should absolutely go wild making every character from More Than Meets the Eye. Especially an updated Hot Rod, because that toy is seriously dated.

    Luckily for me, it seems like they already started, so here’s hoping the trend continues.

  2. First: Hot Shot’s sHoUlDeRs HuRt LoTsEs. JA-am!

    Second, one of My Skid’s shoulders is SUPER loose. Any tips on how to tighten that kind of pseude-joint?

  3. Heli, I agree. Classics Hot Rod really needs an update. The head sculpt on that is especially bad, as it looks like a grumpy Rodimus more than Hot Rod. An IDW version (and really, any other other IDW characters they want to make) would be cool.

    The Bob, one of the shoulders on my Skids was loose too. A bit of Pledge floor polish with future shine fixed it. Just get a dab on a brush and put a drop in there, then work it around so it coats the joint, then let it sit for about 24 hours or so.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I only wish that the IDW series of toys had their Cybertronian alt-modes, especially since Chromedome pretty much transforms into a Dark Knight-style tumbler vehicle (which happens to be his real name– sweet!).

    The only figure from that line I’ve been able to get so far was Trailcutter, which while cool, would be even better if he came with a translucent glass of Engex to guzzle.

  5. Jon, you just need to buy that new “Trash Talk” 3rd party Swerve; he comes with a tray full of drinks for the gang at the bar.

  6. Jon, that doesn’t bother me too much so long as they stick with futuristic looking Earth modes, like with Skids, and if they keep the bot modes as accurate as they can. I’d rather they not do a mix of G1 and IDW like they did with Whirl.

    And Heli, those are some of the coolest in-character accessories on a TF, and the bots are cool too!

    ~Matt Booker

  7. Classics Rodimus was dated the moment he was released in 2006.

    Now, I’d love to get Skids, but I haven’t found him anywhere. Though Waspinator and ‘Armada’ Starscream are great.

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