Action Pose – FP Weirdwolf – None Shall Pass

It’s been well documented just how much I like FP Weirdwolf.

Today’s post is no exception, and shows one of my favorite poses for it. If you recognize the movie quote from the title, you’ll know what to expect.


Wolf Knight Of Cybertron

Yep. It’s the classic stance of a knight with his sword down and one hand resting on the pommel. It reminds me of the way the Black Knight is standing in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Optimus: Your head’s off!

Weirdwolf: No it isn’t.

Optimus: Yes it is! And it just turned into a little man!

Monzo: I’ll bite your legs off!


It was strange to call Weirdwolf’s Headmaster by the official Hasbro name. I’d rather it just be Weirdwolf as the little robot piloting the bigger body as a mech suit, but that didn’t work as nicely for the dialogue. :)


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite Headmaster? INTERIOR CROCODILE ALLIGATOR?

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~Matt Booker

2 thoughts on “Action Pose – FP Weirdwolf – None Shall Pass

  1. I’ve only one right now (this guy was sold out at the time…) and that is Smartrobin/Brainstorm. I’ve no real interest in Toyworld’s Headmasters because FansProject has just sold me on most anything to do with their Function-X line.

    CODE…is an exception unless I can find one for a bargain. Like that would ever happen.

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