Action Pose – Optimus Prime: Dino Rider!

One of the most badass things about Transformers 4 is that Optimus Prime rides on the back of Grimlock in giant mechanical t-rex mode.

Sure, the Transformers movies aren’t exactly great when it comes to plot, but they’re a visual spectacle on the big screen, and seeing giant robots battle on the backs of giant robot dinosaurs sure sounds like a visual spectacle.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime heard about that, and thought it would be good to try it out.


Now he knows how Rattrap felt.
Click the picture for the full version!

What, were you expecting MP Grimlock? Him no bozo, him king!


So, dear readers, are you excited for Transformers 4? What’s your preferred version of Grimlock?

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~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Pose – Optimus Prime: Dino Rider!

  1. Hells yeah, I’m excited for Trans4mers! What’s better than giant transforming alien robots fighting eachother? Giant transforming alien robot dinosaurs.

  2. As it was so aptly put before, for those who whine about plot, “shut up and eat your awesome!”

  3. that’s funny.
    I can imagine dinobot saying…
    “Prime? is that your crotch plate or are you just happy to ride me”

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